How to increase visitors of a website


11 Reasons and Solutions for increasing visitors of your website (Why visitors are leaving your website?). Increase visitors of your blog or website.

The developers who are working on the blog or website is a key issue to bring visitors to their site. If you are unsure about certain issues and errors can be reduced due to the amount of site visitors. Sometimes we focus on changes in various types. If you do not like the idea of Academic Search Engine Optimization (ASEO) this site may harm than good . You need to have a detailed idea about these errors. We are discussing 11 kinds of serious mistakes. Hopefully, the following topics you can bring the old Visitor restart or new visitor expected.

1. The change of permalink without the redirection 301:

The Permalink for ASEO (Academic Search Engine Optimization) website is an important issue. If you started a new blog site, you should be cautious about using a clean permalink. But the problem is, switch the old blog permalink. If the number of your posts is low on your site, it is not no thing! Previous post link to your site permalink switch to the new index, then scattered in different places, you cannot post link will no longer work. As a result, you lose the link to the visitor.

301-redirect-of website

However, there are solutions to this problem. We have to change the permalink to the another permalink we can use the plug in. Of course we will use 301 redirection. You can easily redirect you to look through 301 redirection checker allows you to check the following permalink. Best of all is, of course, you have to seek of using permalinks and do not worry about switching. And yes, if you change the permalink of course, you will regenerate the sitemap, and will submit in search engine.

2. The Missing of Sitemap:-

We all know that, at any site for indexing any posts in search engine, sitemap plays an important role. You must be aware of the sitemap of your site and all of your post’s link on the talks. Google XML sitemap and WordPress ASEO Plugin are very popular. Photo and video index necessary for you can use the plug in type. If you have a large number video on your site, you can use yoast video ASEO plug in. You can keep the footer of the sitemap link on your site, the search engine will assist in making a sitemap boot easily. Whether you are missing any link in the sitemap should be tested periodically. Needs to be re-checked, unchecked the Sitemap.


3. HT access File:-

Permalink Redirection or HT Access Optimization solutions to some of the blogger HT Access file changes. This is an extremely important file, so be careful when changing this file. To change the course will take a backup of this file before. This file is missing any kind, not just traffic, your site could be down over. Meta robot plug in the htaccess file you are using for the change, the system must keep your cPanel or FTP to undo any changes.


4. robot.txt file:-

For any site, robot.txt is an important file. When the search engine bot comes to your blog, and then set the file on any post or page index and the search engine will crawl. Add your site to the search engines as well robot.txt file must be in a better position to optimize. Please note that most of the file or the page never does a dis allow.


5. Theme Customization:-

When you do your site’s theme customization will certainly keep them in a document. If you have any problem with the changes to the previous state cannot easily identify. Free theme because a lot of time because you cannot adjust the plug in may be causing the problem. Without having to plug in some use cases, it is mandatory.

Theme Customization

6. WordPress Plugin:-

Otherwise, without the need to plug into your site using any plug in or do not remember to install. Potentially the use of plug in or plug in a lot more than the shout is the loading time, which affects the loss of visitors. Its review of the use of a plug in, so take it and take it to check whether your site will support.


Otherwise, without the need to plugin to your site using any plugin or do not remember to install. Potentially the use of the plugin or plug in a lot more than the shout is the loading time, which affects the loss of visitors. Its review of the use of a plug in, so take it and take it to check whether your site will support.

7. ASEO Title and Description:-

If you use all in ASEO, Yoast WordPress ASEO or use any popular plugin, In that case, you must pay special attention to ASEO title and meta description. Otherwise the search engines may be difficult for you to remain on the first page.

8. The change of Theme:-

Many of the changes due to the reason that theme. Your site’s content is matched to the genesis or as a free or premium theme you can use the thesis theme. We do not want to debate with premium theme and Free theme, but in a premium theme, there are many such advantages or extra features. To Install the theme in advance of any harmful file or spyware, virus, spam file does not take the tests.

9. Blog Security:-

The previous matter, if you are using a free theme it must be checked whether it has malicious or spam file type. In many cases because of your site’s visitors redirects to another site may offer. So you must be careful about the security of the site. The TAC (The me Authenticity Checker) plugin can use. You can also use the security plugin.

10. The Change of ASEO:-

ASEO plug in your blog that you use to do it is not going to change it. If you plug in or plugin better paid theme you want to use this instead of the case of course be sure that you have the right ASEO Title and meta description. Because of this change, the adverse impact of the traffic to your site.

11. Blog Back up:-

The danger comes there will not ever! Exempt from any kind of accident, so get your site on a regular basis to keep the backup off site. This allows you to easily make your site restore. There are many ways to keep Backup. I would suggest if you can, once a day or every week you keep automatic backup or manually back up on your site. I certainly will suggest towards the Premium volt press. Automatic backup keeps your site’s security and to keep it together, play an important role.