What does a good colocation Services provider offer you?


Let us start the blog by knowing what a data center actually is. A data center is a building or space within a building that is used to store computer systems and the associated systems such as the telecommunication systems and storage systems. The data centers provide bandwidth, power, network, storage space, etc. to other business enterprises to help them efficiently run their day to day business transactions. The data centers have a backup of data and continuous power supply to ensure that the business enterprises face no problems while working on the data.

Colocation Services 


The storing of huge amounts of data in one place generates a lot of heat. It is very important to maintain the temperatures of the building at an optimum level to avoid loss of information due to overheating or fire. So the data centers have air conditioners, water, coolants, etc. to keep the temperatures stable and avoid accidents.

Do you know that the data centers have been given another name? Yes, they are called Colocations, as in single a place where data of different business enterprises is stored securely and is made accessible to them round the clock.

Server Colocations
Server Colocations

Colocations, are called colo in short. These are definitely a blessing to many business enterprises who cannot invest in building their own data center and maintaining it. The cost of infrastructure, administration, technology, security, and research can burden the business enterprises. With data centers, they only have to pay the providers to take care of everything. And since most of the contracts are for the long term, the businesses can make a good deal for a price lesser than the market rate.

While choosing a data center, business enterprises should teconsider the physical location of the data centers as well. Some businesses need to physically access their data more frequently than others. In such instances, opting for a data center that is closer to their office location will help save the travel costs.

Data center
Data center

Also important is the tier of facilities the colocation providers are offering to the businesses. One of the top leading colocation providers has come up with the latest technology named as the Tier 5 Platinum Standard. It is mentioned that Tier 5 is flexible and has advanced features when compared to Tier 4. Let us see some of the additional features of Tier 5 Platinum which can be broadly classified as the following.

  • Carrier Systems
    • Six entry vaults from two pathways.
    • All clients are given ten on-net carriers.
    • D/DoS mitigation services are also made available to clients.
  • Power Sustainability and Efficiency
    • Powered by local, new projects.
    • 100% renewable energy.
  • Cooling System and Water Protection
    • All cooling water is kept outside the building.
    • Independently repairable dual roof system.
    • Warranty letter signed by officials guaranteeing service levels
    • Data centers can run without water.
    • The outside air pollution can be detected and a protective response can be generated on the inside.
  • Power System
    • The energy system has a permanent monitor.
    • Both the A and B power stays online during site maintenance.
    • Multiple stations at three separate fully functional locations along with control and monitoring facilities for standby power generation.
  • Physical Security
    • This is the primary focus of Tier 5 facilities.
    • Access to critical asset systems and networks can be secured.
    • Each compartment along with every rack can be secured independently.
    • Continuous video surveillance in strategic places. The data is retained for at least 90 days.
    • The exterior walls are windowless and made from non-inflammable materials. The doors are reinforced in steel frames.
    • The premise has a seven-layer security system with no pedestrian access to the surroundings.
    • Limited or restricted access. Only the ones with a PIN/Biometric details are allowed inside.
    • Each entry is noted along with the date, time, and the duration for future reference.

The colo providers lower the risk of losing vital information due to natural disasters along with providing investment protection, offering risk mitigation and economizing the cost. The companies which manufacture most or all of their equipment for the data centers charge a lot less than others.