What is Traffic Exchange and How to Exchange Traffic?


The traffic exchange is called if you visit anyone’s website and for its exchange, they will visit your website. There are many websites for exchanging traffic but according to me, 10k hits is the best. You will get the free visitor with Traffic Exchange Websites if you use their service. You may also use their paid service to exchange traffic – it is called paid traffic.

Exchange Traffic and grow your business and earn more money

Traffic Exchange
Traffic Exchange

Advantage of Traffic Exchange:

 At first, go to 10khits.com. Create an account there. Then click in Surf Now button from the left side. You can provide point until this session will continue. 1 point is equal to 1 visitor (1:1). Then add your website. Then according to the points, visitors will come to your website.

Best Website for Traffic Exchange.

Private Information: There are some ad networks who give money on ad review. So you will provide point through 10khits. Then visitors will come in your blog. You got views. Your income will also increase.

Note: Many people can think there are many problems to provide point but this matter is not like that. If you click in ‘Surf Now‘ then one by one website will come automatically. You don’t have to do anything. Only you have to open tab, now get sleep or do other work, which is your matter.

Above in my given processes or based on the view (CPM) and through ad network you can earn more money. Visitors have to come though they don’t want to come. And if visitors see your blog then it will be your income if there is CPM based ad network in your blog.

Ha ha ha!!!! Now you will earn money by sleeping.

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