Hosting Providers: Making Sure You Won’t Pay Extra Cash for Their Services


We all know how much a hosting plan can cost, and we all know their value. But if you think about it, they are not always worth that price. There must be something that people do with regards to purchases in general. Perhaps, there’s a similarity between this and the choice of a hosting. We’re here to clear that out.

How to find the best hosting providers?

How to find the best hosting providers
How to find the best hosting providers

Make a choice

Perhaps there’s a possibility that irrationality affects the decisions made by humans. Maybe that’s why they’re so popular in the market department.

There are a few things that happen while people make a decision. There are some psychological factors that influence our choices, and from that point forward, is kind of hard to understand the logic behind them. That’s why we tend to be easy to manipulate when it comes to this.

Do your homework

When you purchase a hosting, you purchase a service. And when you’re looking for this kind of service, you need to do your homework, in terms of good performance, the amount of disk space and bandwidth, how many domains are you looking for, the safety of the server and things regarding the maintenance. When you’re thinking about all of that, you forget to also think about the price. They approximately know the price, but is that price a fair one?

Without even realizing, you’ll have to pay for different things, such as an SSL certificate, a dedicated IP, WordPress and even a special e-mail on your name. You should also be careful at the hosting plan subscription: do you really need a long one?

Different features

How about a Site Backup Pro, it should be helpful, too. Let’s now forget that they’re supposed to do that from the very start (weekly, if may I add), without asking you to pay more cash for it.

Search Engine Jumpstart is not necessarily something you don’t need, but if you already have a specific plan for your site, maybe $35.88 a year is not something you need to deal with. Do not add lots of features that can harm your site instead of doing better, just because they look great.

SiteLock Security sounds like a good idea because of better safe than sorry. But think about it: sites don’t really get hacked, so that spam and malware monitoring and the vulnerability scan may not be necessary. You should also ask yourself how they are going to make your site less vulnerable. If your hosting already guarantees that it’s safe, you should really think about why they’re asking for more money.

There are many hosting review companies that do their job based on uptime check option. HRank Rating is not one of them. They don’t offer any online tool to help you monitor your website. Instead, they’re looking at the bigger picture – their rating system is based on many factors, such as uptime and response time, price and the hosting company’s age, history, and experience. Is one of the best services on the market!

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