What is Guest Posting? And what it’s advantages?


How are you? I hope all of you are fine. I’m also fine for your blessings. Greeting to everyone in the The Mental Club community. Today I will share with you “What is Guest Posting? And what it’s advantages?”Guest posting is a very familiar word to us. Then we need to stay a clear concept about guest posting. Let’s take a concept about this.

Do You Know Guest Posting Can Help Grow Your Online Audience?


Guest Posting:

When we give any post in others blog or website then that is blog’s author or guest post to the blog. Why this is guest post? It is a very simple question. Probably due to this we are not involved with that blog in any way. And now if we want to give post in that blog, then we have to give post on page as guest and when it will be published then it will be published as a guest.


Benefits of guest posting:

  • Making backlink
  • Increasing own introduction

When you are wanting to contribute in any other site then you will contribute by keeping your benefit definitely, it is normal. Generally everybody gives guest posting because of above mentioned reasons. There are many reasons out of it.

How to do:

First which thing you have to do for giving guest post, that is:


  • You have to find out the topic related blogs or websites.
  • Then you have to see is that site’s rank good or not.
  • You have to see also if they allow or not guest post.
  • Though they allow then you have to send mail or contact to site’s author.
  • If the author gives permission, then their determined topic or on that topic you can write posts.
  • And make a backlink with a trick.

What is guest blogging:


Guest blogging is a medium of exchange for mutual benefit between a blogger and other writer, where both have benefits. Here writer writes an article and shows to blogger. Blogger sees that and if he thinks that the article is appropriate for his site then he will publish that. In exchange writer will get chance of building links. In this way he can build links for his own site from another site. And blogger will also get good and unique content for his own site easily. In short, this is guest blogging.

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The advantage of guest blogging:

There are many advantages of guest blogging, like: making particular listener, establishing fame, link building, networking etc. Some subjects are discussed in the following:

#1. Making particular listener:

You can make a particular listener through guest blogging under the specific topics. Because those who are reader of your topics they keep interest on that subject and if you attract them by your writing then they will become a fan, follower. As a result of which, your reader will campaign your writing to their fan, follower if that is standard.

#2. Establishing fame:

If you post of particular topics in several blogs every time then many people will read your writing, for which they will be familiar about your writing. If that is standard and informative then they will read your writing always and find for which in that particular topic you will establish your fame as an expert.

#3. Link building:

Guest blogging is very important medium in case of link building. You will build links for your site through publishing your writing. As a result of which, your rank will be good in search engine. If you have the concept about link’s value, then you will understand easily how much the value of building links from a good site. And in present search engine have given punishment to site duplicate content, so in that case guest blogging will help to protect your site’s fame.

But you have to remember always that you will do wrong if you think guest blogging as a medium of just link building. All those are important about which subject I have told you above. If you think only about link building, then article blogger never will accept this. Especially when they will understand that your target is only link building. You may publish your writing in some low quality blogs, but that has not such value rather that can be harmful for you in any case.

The advantages of guest blogging in short:

  • Increasing traffic for the site.
  • Targeting particular reader or customer.
  • Building strong links for own site.
  • Making own brand.
  • Making a connection with several bloggers.
  • Learning tips from other bloggers.
  • Sharing own experiences with others.
  • Increasing own writing skill etc.

Guest blogging is not only link building.

Guest blogging and article blogging are not same:


I’m saying once again, Remember guest blogging and article blogging are not same. You will need a unique article for guest blogging, which will need in case of article marketing. But sometimes work is done with spin content also which is not possible in guest blogging. In spite of this, article marketing will not give you such except just link but guest blogging will help you to make your own brand except link, in case of establishing fame and in case of networking. So no need to think both as the same thing.

How to find guest blogging easily:

#1. Use synonyms of guest blogging:

Some example are given in the following.

  • “Submit a guest post”
  • “Submit post”
  • “Submit blog post”
  • “Add blog post”
  • “Submit an article”
  • “Suggest a guest post”

You have seen all these have been written by a quotation mark, for which Google will give us exact result.

#2. Wild Card Operator (*):

Using wild card operator site of guest blogging can be found. If quotation mark is used, then result can be found by a filter. But as a result of it many chances are missing out. Other many results are ignored, which we will need. So in that case Wild Card Operator (*) mark can be used.

In spite of this, there are some rules which you will find if you search in Google. In spite of that the best is if you start to work in familiar network, like your friend have your site related blog. You can guest post by contacting with them.

In spite of this, My Blog Guest  is a free blogging community, those who make the chances of guest posting and it works a medium of contact with each other.

How to select a site of guest posting:

Use your opinion or judgement. Before posting on any site, please verify that site. See how much value of that site in search engine. How popular this site is, how many post have in site, who have posted guest post, those who have done and search by collecting their name what type of writer they are, after posting how many comments are there in site, recently how many posts and comments, what type of social media of this site is, if you see all these then you will understand this site is so effective for you.

Some words about article:

You have to know before what type of article is the best for guest posts, first select your topics. You have to know definitely what you will write. Don’t write anything, nothing knowing. The article must be unique. Where you will post see the format of that site’s article, format own article according to that. Like they will write articles with theirs topic related. Write informative articles through which readers can know something. Write in simple and easy language. Use pictures in it, readers get attracted to this. In middle of article don’t give pictures to blogger. Separate article and pictures in which bloggers can keep it beautifully in his blog. Read again and again and think that you are reading others article at the time of reading. See have you satisfied or not. This is actual theme. If you don’t satisfy then others will also not satisfy. Don’t give blogger quickly after finishing your article. If writing is completed, then take a break. You will feel fresh and read once again and see have any mistake there or not. Then give it to blogger.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope this tune will work for you. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it.

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