On-Page SEO – Full Guide Step By Step


Hi Guys! All you know the importance of SEO. Without the good SEO, your website or blog is nothing. You cannot get visitors to your site without correct and proper WordPress SEO. This guide will surely help you in doing correct WordPress SEO by Yoast. Today I am going to show you how to do proper SEO for your WordPress site.

WordPress SEO by Yoast:

This is complete on-page SEO guide not only for WordPress but also for every other site. So, If you downloaded this plugin that’s Good but If not then download it now form the below link.

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On-Page SEO – Full Guide Step By Step

On-Page SEO - Full Guide Step By Step
On-Page SEO – Full Guide Step By Step

1. Focus Keyword:

The first and most important step is keyword research. Choose a proper keyword relating to your content and then add it 4-5 times in your content.

2. Title Tag:

Add your keyword to the title. If possible add the keyword to start. It will be good if your title starts with your focus keyword.

3. Permalink:

Permalink is situated below the title. In permalinks add only your focus keyword.

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4. Sub Headings:

The H2 heading in your post is very important. You can add as many as you want but your one H2 heading must contain your focus keyword.

Importance of Heading Tags in On-page SEO

5. Content length:

Your content must be a minimum of 300 words. So, Do not write lengthy posts try to make your content shorter. It will be good if you manage your content within 300-500 words. And add your focus keyword not more than 4-5 times. Must add one focus keyword in the first paragraph.


6. Add Media:

In your post add at least one suitable image with alt attribute containing your focus keyword.  And add at least one picture in the content as I have done. This makes your content beautiful.

7. Inbound & Outbound link:

Add at least one outbound link in your post. But this must be related to your content. You can also add inbound or outbound links relating to your topic.

8. Meta Description:

You must have to add your focus keyword in the content meta description minimum of 1 time.

9. Meta Keywords:

Like Meta Description Meta Keywords are also very important to point, try to place whatever people search your content on Search Engine. But, remember all the meta keywords should be separated from each other using commas and related to your topic search.

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On-Page SEO - Full Guide Step By Step
On-Page SEO – Full Guide Step By Step

Conclusion !!!

These are the steps you have to follow for proper On-Page optimization. Now you don’t have to pay SEO experts for On-Page optimization.