Do you want to be a Web Developer? Detailed Guidelines along with the tips of Learning


There are so many mediums for online income, one of them Website design and development are the most important things. Basically, all small and large businesses, institutions, persons all of these falls in their interest on the internet. Everybody wants that his/her may have a virtual address. As a result, the demand of web design is increasing day by day.

How to become a Web Developer?

As a result, all of the work in the financial market, especially website design and development based works are mostly done.

The Sphere of the Works

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Local Market:

In the local market of India, a website designer or developer earns from Rs. 20000/- to 1 lakhs per month.

Online Market Place:

 The world’s largest freelance market complex is in where web design or development related works are submitting. In, write “web design” in the box of Find Jobs and then you get understand the demand of web design.

Otherwise, popular and exceptional market place is in where you get lots of orders as a web designer or developer by making gig.

The ideal marketplace is the for the professional and high skilled web designer or developer. By selling web template you may earn above from $100 to $1000 (USD) per month.

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How your income may come? 

Income depends on your skill. Your income will better if you are a skillful web designer. The income of a professional web designer may be from $20 to $50 per hour in the popular market places. That is if your hourly rate is minimum $20 and if you can work 5 hours every day, then you can earn ($20*5)=$100.

If you can make Theme Forest suitable web template and if approves it, then you can start your earnings. If you examine then you will watch that the amount of selling 90% template is over 100 in one month. In this magnificent website, you can get 50% commission as per selling as a web template designer. If you watch this link, then you can see that a Web Press template has sold at least 3910 times.

In between 6 months, the amount of selling may be over 10000. So, now you calculate that how may the income of a professional web template designer. You may think that it is very easy, but it is very difficult. But the people who determine and serious those can get the success key.

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Will you be a student of Computer Science to become a Web Designer?

This is totally a wrong concept. There are so many freelancers who have come from the general background, but they are doing works fantastically. It is not necessary to become a student of Computer Science.

What do you do to learn for Web Design and Development?

  1. Html, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Psd to Html, Twitter Bootstrap, Responsive Web Design.
  2.  PHP & MySQL
  3.  PHP Codeigniter
  4. WordPress
  5.  WordPress Theme Development

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How do you learn and become a Skilled Professional Web designer:

There are plenty of resources online for learning it. If you search it on Google then you get plenty of tutorials for learning Web Design and Development.

All of us want to earn income as a shortcut way. But in the shortcut way the income is uncertain and the amount of income is very low. But, take some time and with patience and hard work you may become a professional web designer and then you don’t look back in your behind. Your online income would be certain and your career will be bright.

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