How to add an Add-on Domain in cPanel?


You can host more domains in a cPanel if you want. Another domain is being hosted in a cPanel that is called Add-on domain. Now we will see how can cPanel add in Add-on domain through cPanel. For that you have to do first that is login cPanel. Now click “Addon Domains” which stay in the domain.

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addon domains

addon domain

New domain name: is your domain name which you want to host in the same host.

Subdomain/FTP Username: It is a user name of your FTP account.

Document root: It is an information about domain, in which directory you will keep its name.

Password: It is a password of your FTP account.

Click on “Add Domain” button after filling the upper fields. Your domain will be conducted in Add-on domain.

Note: If you are unable to add the “Add-on Domain”, then you may contact your hosting provider.

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