Your SIM Card can make you to sit in the road. The heart will shake if you read this news


How are you? I hope all of you are fine. I’m also fine for your blessings. I’m starting by praying everybody’s good health. Undoubtedly your smartphone is very close to you. Bank’s all activities are done through only one touch. Which thieves have set their hand in an online transaction, that news also is not new.

What Will Happen If Your SIM Card Is Hacked by Hacker?

SIM Card

Great Danger in SIM Card:

Is online transaction a blessing or a curse, customer world is divided in two parts of the answer of that question. The opinion of one side, it is the possibility of getting hacked bank account in online transactions. Such incident has happened casually. As a result, saving is not so secured. Other side has said, many risks can be ignored if you are careful. But it is certain in one matter that there are risks totally.

If you think, your money is secure if you don’t transact money in online, then you will be wrong totally. Because, breaking through the SIM card, they have found out the way of entering in your account. This name is “Clone SIM”. Recently, Mumbai resident, old woman of 72 years has gotten an SMS from the bank. 11 lakhs was withdrawn from her account. Rather, she didn’t withdraw money. Which was seen in the investigation, everybody’s eye has gone to head into it. Through SIM cloning, money has stolen. That old woman’s SIM has been cloned.

What is done in it?

Through a special software, Sim is cloned of your phone. That software has a SIM card reader. With it one SIM card information is brought in another SIM card. Now the question is how to make a clone of SIM? From unknown No wrong calls or SMS comes definitely to you. In that, where you have won how much money or iPhone, that things are said. Now if you reply of that SMS by mistake, then all information of your Sim goes to opposite software.

Now from this phone call goes to you. Your account information is changed in online. For verification, code goes on the thief’s mobile. You will not understand anything. Yet your money has been withdrawn by thief very cleverly.

How to save from that?

First examine mobile’s SMS regularly. If any call from unknown number wants any information of bank or phone, then don’t give. Contact related bank. If you feel any doubt, then going to the bank, change your contact No and give new No. Keep anti-virus software in the phone, keep password as much as complex, don’t share phone No in social media. If any No like with +92, +90 or +09 calls or sends an SMS to your phone, then don’t reply ever.

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