The Share has collapsed in Airtel and Idea network for Data plan of Reliance Jio


Web Desk: Jio hits everybody. Rest Telecom organizations have faced loss in the share market. Especially Indian Airtel and Idea network. When Mukesh Ambani announces the data plan of Reliance Jio then Indian Airtel’s stock collapses 7.76% and Idea’s stock collapses 8%. Within the first 45 minutes, Airtel faces the loss of 9800 crores for the hit of “the Jio data revolution”. The quantity of Idea’s loss is 2450 crores. Though yesterday Airtel announces about coming 135 Mbps data speed to prevent the movement of Jio.


Reliance Jio keeps Airtel and Idea shares under pressure


Jio has brought with awesome cheap total10 plans on the market. In it, there are free voice call and roaming on the one side. Like that there is no any blackout also in any festival day or occasional day. Before that, any Telecom organization could not give such type of data pack.

Lowest Data Plan In The World

You have to give only 50 rupees for each GB data. If it is said very easy then you have to give 5 paisa per MB. Within the March of 2017, reaching data service to 90% men of the country is the motto of Reliance Jio. Now the cheapest organization is a Reliance Jio network in the world.

Full Data tariff plan of Reliance Jio 4G.


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