Cloning: The future of Science and ultimate reality of life


How are you all? I hope all of you are fine for most merciful god’s blessings. I’m also fine for that great god’s blessing and for your prayer. Today I will share with you about “Cloning”.

Our daily lives now have been simplified more. We can take news of any edge of the world by sitting in a room, can control anything by sitting at any place, can make huge skyscraper, and can travel to the infinite universe.

And there is one thing behind this, that is-science. Science has simplified our lives and with that also it has brought prosperity. Actually from the beginning of creation, science begins. But if you say that I will say that, our classical science begins through two sparks. In other word, rubbing stone with each other of primitive men fire burns. From that our utmost friend science starts.

What is the future of Science and ultimate reality of life?


But science has also some bad sides. Actually, I don’t think that. Men give example to say about the bad side of science that is atom bomb, AK 47 including many things. But I’m not agree with this that these are the bad sides of science. Mainly these are use of men’s bad sides. So anyway. Science has brought extreme development of several sides of our daily lives. But one branch of science in many branches has helped us directly, has saved many lives, and has increased average life expectancy. And that branch is medical science.

Exchanging of many men sacrifice, today’s medical science has been built. To make it develop, many scientists have dedicated their children, they have applied on tin several vaccines. And present discussed theme of this branch of science is “Cloning”. Though the history of cloning is not so modern but 70-80 years ago. Its aim is- helping men definitely. But with all this, some mischief deed also comes. So let’s know about cloning.


What is Cloning?

Cloning word has come from a Greek word. Word is trunk brunch; which mean- making branch from the branch. Almost all we know sure with tissue culture. In this process taking a cell from only one plant, it is kept in germ augmentation medium and culturing it in appropriate condition, multiple cells are created from one cell. Cloning theme is also like that. But here DNA technology is used with culture. Generally Cloning is divided into two parts:

  1. Therapeutic and
  2. Reproductive.

At present we can know about one more cloning. That is replacement. In this cloning replacing damaged body cell, that cells are transferred with good cell. It is done mainly by centring its two types. Now let’s see what are the therapeutic matter and reproductive matter?

  1. Therapeutic: Generally any particular cell is cloned in this process. Mainly in case of therapy this cloning needs to make different medicine. In this way cell can grow in an animal’s body in the next. In spite of that, it has been used in case of research also. In other word, this process is used in case of stem cell. Scientists think that in this way any problem of heart and Alzheimer disease will be cured.
  2. Reproductive: There are many rumors with the matter of cloning. In this process taking a body cell of an animal, then culturing that in appropriate process and that is used as same as maternal animals, that is called reproductive cloning. Mainly here whole animal’s gin is cloned. This process is complicated and time-consuming. Today our discussion is about cloning.


How to clone?

Actually, here it will be discussed about that how to clone. In reproductive process animal’s body cell is used. In case of this there are 3 material needs in it. These are 1. Cell’s nucleus 2. Centre discrete cell 3. Supporter or aider. First nucleus is removed from a cell. It is done with electric shock. After a full organism is become through that cell division. But if it produced like that then produced animal is not like exact mother. But if producing fetus from a cell by culturing tissue and animal is made from that then that will be same like the mother plant exactly in behaviour.


Success of Cloning:

If we say about cloning’s success, then you have to be surprise. Because cloning has got more success till this time. And it is completed through the clone of dolly named ship. That 5th July, in the year of 1996 Keith Campbell of Edinburgh and Dc. Ayaan Wilmette created a concussion by cloning ship through using ship’s ova and DNA and aider. But its declaration is given on 22nd February, at the year 1997. They had cloned, which ship, its lifetime was expected 12-13 years. One ship’s normal average age 11-13 year. But that ship was died on 14th February, in the year of 2003 for lung cancer at the age of 6 years and half. In spite of that, in case of cloning, we know about more its success. Some days ago on 24th April in 2005 one dog is cloned named snappy, which is alive still now. In spite of this after 1960 it has made possible successfully to clone frog, rabbit including many animals.


Some Problems of Cloning:

In case of cloning, there are many benefits of it, but also there are some problems. Like we have seen that Dolly doesn’t get its expected lifetime. It died in its half age. And it is known that from which ship dolly is cloned its age was 6 years. Actually, at the time cloning cell’s nucleus is used. In that which chromosome stays, the telomere is there at the end of that. With increasing of cell age and depending on division number that telomere’s length decrease. If this telomere is finished, then cell dies, as a result of this organism also dies. Actually, if this telomere is finished, then cell immunity decreases and there many problems are seen in cell’s division. As a result of this organism is affected in different disease and dies.

Without these also there are some more problems in the case of cloning. Scientists have worked with these. And they have got the solution of telomere problem. And if someone use cloning for bad sense then its gruesomeness will be extreme objectionable. If we read about Jaffar Iqbal sir’s “Any man” story then we will guess. There we can see that dog was mixed with men. But it may has no reality, though we can’t say anything. In case of cloning there was one more problem. This is about morality. Suppose one person is coned by cloning. Now problem is-what will be his ancestry, what will be religion, who will be his parents and all that? But its solution doesn’t get till now. Yet we will say that we are optimistic.


Cloning and more thing:

Which clone was done of Dolly that will be made possible in the time of 276. All fetuses are wasted of precious time. In this way, in case of men if he cloned then this fact can happen again. In this case question of morality arises. Clone human child’s birth will be one of the rare fact in the world. But without Denmark it has been forbidden to clone of men in the all countries. United Nations have passed a law about this. Yet whisper is heard that in many places of the world, it has tried to clone of men privately. Many people have claimed that they have cloned of man. But its scientific proof doesn’t get any more.

On 27th December of 2002 a year, Clonied named institution claimed that they have made first clone human child, but they don’t publish this type of information, but as far is known that this human clone has been made from 31 years aged woman’s cell and it has been done in any developing country out of America, because that woman’s husband was unable to breed. Then on 23rd January of 2003 cloned claimed that they have coned one more human child from 2 years child’s cell of Japan who had died in accident of 2001, though they did not publish about this type of information. One US doctor Panaotis Javos have said that he has cloned 14 human fetus.

It is guessed that Cyprus born US citizen Javos is researching in any private place. Because research of human clone is forbidden in several country like the United States, Britain etc. But recently he has cloned of three dead human fetus also. There was 10 years child among them. Caddy named child was dead in a road accident in the US. Preserving that child’s blood cell in a special process, it had sent to Javos. But experts refuse to accept all these claims of Javos.

First hybrid human is cloned in November of 1998 year. It is done through Advance Cell technology (ACT) and in case of this taking nucleus from a man’s feet and it is replaced in dog’s ova but it is destroyed within 12 days. Then in January of 2008, Stimajen Corporation’s main Scientist supervisor Samuel Wood and Andrew French situated in California, declared that they have made 5 human fetus in aim of therapeutic cloning, but in the next they destroyed that 5 fetus by considering from the side of morality. According to the last information, in 2003 some scientists succeeded to take human cloning up to blastosight step.


Some thoughts with Clone:

Well, if you see beside you one person same like you then how will you feel? We have understood now that, what development of medical science has done in present, there are nothing impossible to do such thing. Many people think that about cloning of Einstein. They said jokingly that, if Einstein would clone then it would be better. Rest problems of Physics would be solved by him. But it is important to keep in mind that, which cell of Einstein is preserved, from that which is possible to make but which Einstein will be made like previous Einstein, there has no possibility of it. It may be same in terms of IQ, but if environment is not same, but it will not be same like previous Einstein.

Because everything of men depends on environment. In other word, there is no chance to happen this. This same thing will be adequate in case of infamous person also. Many people said by mentioning bad side of cloning that, if any serial killer or any infamous person is cloned through it, then that will be the reason for destruction of human being. But it has to remember that by including in which environment one serial killer is made to one killer, if that cloning person doesn’t get that environment then he never will be made a serial killer. So this should not be afraid. There is no way to leave one more fear. That is nature has made only women completely. What will need to clone, all things of that are in women. But men has no these things. So if women revolute then it can be feared that the abolition of men from the world. But that is a matter of future. But there is vacation to leave this at all.


Cloning for Human Welfare:

Many people fear about cloning, but it can be used for men’s benefits. If we don’t clone whole man and clone of particular organs, then that will be used for men’s benefits. If required organs of the human body like bone, heart, eyes, blood and kidney are cloned and that are replaced in damaged body of man then it will be possible to give life in that. Suppose, though loved one died in the accident then that person will be cloned. Though that is like fiction science. But in the future what will be happened that is unknown still now.


At last I would like to say that everything has good and bad sides. Its bad and good thing depend on the use of men. Atom technology benefits men very much like that it can also destroy. It is our moral judgement. So I hope we will see cloning as good sight. And using in human welfare, we will help that to reach the top of ultimate development. Or cloning may be our future! 5 hundred years ago like we can’t think about internet still now this matter is out of our thought. Because our science and technology have forwarded towards improvement always in geometrical section speed.

I hope this article will work for you. Thank you for reading this article. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it.

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