After knowing these 4 information, you will think twice before buying a Reliance Jio SIM


How are you all? I hope all of you are fine. I’m also fine. Have you planned of buying Reliance Jio SIM is leaving your present network operator? But know these matters once.

Think Twice Before Buying A Reliance Jio SIM.

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After coming of Reliance Jio 4G, everybody is excited all around. Why will you not be excited? Where local voice call is free, totally for a lifetime, on its 1GB 4G data on 50 rupees, there will be thing of getting excited. At least which networks, we have used, these benefits don’t have in that. From 5th September Jio SIM card has been brought into the market for customers and many people have bought also within it. Many people are waiting for buying this SIM. Those who don’t buy till now but have thought of buying, they wait for some time. Because..

At first know these 4 information:

#1. Voice Call Problem:

Those who have called voice call by using Jio SIM, objection of many people is that, the voice is coming unclear at the time of talking. Mainly this problem has been seen from Jio SIM when a voice call goes to another SIM from it. Side by side, the same problem is happening when from another SIM comes call to Jio. Before buying Jio SIM, check out the matter.

#2. Network Coverage:

Recently any objection doesn’t come with an interned speed of Reliance Jio. But objection has come that, in some places its network has not been gotten. In which places others network service is gotten easily, some places of that problem are making with Jio network.

#3. Internet Speed:

Before coming of Jio SIM in the market, it is said that Jio’s internet speed will be above 50 MBPS. If it is like that then Jio would be forward many folds than any other telecom service. But in case of work it has been seen that, download speed is getting 14 MBPS and upload speed is getting 6.90 MBPS in Jio. Airtel 4G is giving speed in present 10-13 MBPS. But a few days ago when Airtel 4G users were less, than Airtel used to give above 14 MBPS. But will this happen if customer number of Jio’s increases?

#4. Customer Service:

Any good operator is justified in its service. Till now no objection or argument is heard with the customer service of Jio. But as new things are good at the beginning, so we should not justify Jio with current pictures. So buy Jio SIM after waiting a few days.

Thank You….