Have you lost your eye sight for running computer long time? There are some tips for you


How are you? I hope all of you are fine. I’m also fine for your blessings. Today I will share with you some tips for your eyes. Many online activists have to see long time on the screen. In it, massive pressure falls on the eyes. In it, sight power can be decreased.

In it, you can take some steps if you don’t want to use spectacles at the premature time.

Some Tips to Improve Your Eye Health Naturally.


In case of this, we will give to come sunlight in our house definitely, but it doesn’t reflect on our eyes or screen directly. In it, it will problem to read screen’s writing and our eyes have to work hard.

It is better if the house is less bright. Tube or tungsten can be used in the house. But that must not stay in the eyes directly.

Eye Sight

Which reflection of light or glayer are made in computer screen that increases eye strain. In it, your head ache can start or can get to sleep. In one word, you will get tired.

Eye Strain Problem

In spite of this, if you use a CRT monitor, then buy LCD quickly, it is better not to buy LED. Though LED gives lifelike display yet that gives pressure on eyes. The anti-glayer layer is given in the LCD monitor. In it, reflection is not made on above easily. It is better to buy all that. In spite of this, you can decrease or increase brightness and contrast according to demand of eyes. CRT monitors display flickers which are harmful for eyes.

In spite of this, now there are some softwares which increases or decreases monitor’s brightness routinely.

From here I will say to use f.lux. This is a free software, it’s easy to use. It will try to understand your location or it will ask the location with GPS, according to that, finding out the time of sunrise and sunset that will control monitor’s light. And these can be customized.

Download the link.

You can customize display settings of the computer.

·   Keep brightness, medium. Don’t keep excess or less.

·  Make big the shape of text size and contrast, it will be possible to see. In it, nerve of eyes will get a rest. In spite of this, increase contrast little bit, in it, writing will be clear.

·   Decrease colour temperature. Decreasing the excess of blue light, increase orange light. But not so much.

You can control this easily by downloading magic tune software in Samsung monitor.

In spite of this, don’t look in monitor continuously 20 minutes, focusing eyes far or near your tiredness of eyes can decrease.

It is enough for today, thank you for reading this article. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment.

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