Let’s Know about the Chemical Brainwash of Terrorists. Be Careful


At the present time, Gulshan tragedy is the most widely discussed matter. About this, the people have so many interests. There is also a discussion about the terrorists. There is a discussion about those boys who had killed so many people without thinking anything.

What do you think about the boy who had a fond of football and at the time of sleeping, he slept with the gloves of the Goal Keeper? Could he engage himself in this type of worsted work?

The knowledge which he acquired for a long time and it is spoiled in between sometimes. Let’s explain it clearly.

How do terrorists brainwash people to become one among them?


Suppose, ISIS or any terrorist team has captured you. Suppose, they are in other countries. Their language is totally different. They spoke in Arabic Language and by listening their language, you can never brainwash by him as the people dead without thinking anything.

If they explain it in Hindi, then you will be able to understand partly and if they explain it in Bengali, then you will be able to understand it clearly. Then, you would not want to go with them and you would not participate in this kind of killing situation.

Now, the question is: how do they brainwash of the people? Is it possible to brainwash anybody? If you want to know about it, then you must read this article.


Sedative is such a material which reduces your excitement and anger. It gives the temporary peace to your feelings.

If a dosage is in high, then the people walk unsteadily, reduces the judgement power, the human figures are moving slowly. In one line, it is just like a sleeping pill. Generally, to reduce the tension, doctors prescribe this kind of tablets.

If the sedative is in high dosage, then it leads to the people into the death.

It is called tranquillizer which controls the central nervous system.

The History of Sedative:

Long before the era of modern medicine, reduce anxiety, and alcohol as a sedative is usually used for rest. After getting benefits, alcohol and bear is so popular. So, it is called that it is the best sedative.

To find the substitution of it’s, at the beginning of the 19th century, bromide is started. The bromide was invented in 1826. It becomes very popular. But, when everybody understands that it falls a negative effect, then the medical community rejected it.

But, at the start of the twentieth century, instead of bromide, the barbiturate was made which is so effective and protective sedative drug. But, in between sometimes, it created a problem by randomly using. Therefore, the attempt was taken for making more secure sedative.

Benzodiazepine was made in 1950 which was valid and secure sedated. But, now we have known that Benzodiazepine is a very low quality as compared to an ideal anti-anxiety sedative. It falls a negative effect in the case of sedative by long time using. But, today it is the most widely used sedative.

I have already told that sedative reduces the anxiety of people. It reduces the thinking power and it makes people unaware. So, the people fall in sleep if the people eat it. It is a very important matter.

These sedatives make the person’s unconsciousness. But, these sedatives are very low quality. This Benzodiazepine creates an effect on the mind of the people. The receptors of the brain in which the amino butyric acid is available in our brain and these are the very important transmitter. That is, it falls a huge effect in the activity of the brain.

These low category sedatives make our brain damaged. Now, you think that what is the result of this mix sedatives? 

Yes, the terrorists use this sedative. By language, you never be able to brainwash of anybody. By injecting these drugs, you can do any work. Because, it changes the pattern of the brain. It controls the mind of any people. By injecting this, whatever he can tell and whatever he can do. Let’s explain it.

#1. Sodium Amytal:

Sodium Amytal reduces the disobedience of the people. It makes the mental explanation easy and it forces to reveal the information if anybody wants to take the interview. It was started during the time of the 2nd World War. It was used to reveal the information from the soldiers. Sodium Amytal is one kind of Barbiturate which forces to reveal the experience and information of the soldiers to anybody.


#2. Mescaline:

Mescaline is made from the cactus tree. It creates hallucination for some time. The Germans were using it for the first time. Then, U.S. Navy was used it as a serum for examining. Both researches were failure. The Germans then thought that by using Mescaline, it is not possible to bring out the internal thought of anybody.


#3. Scopolamine:

It is called “Satan breath”. It is called zombie Drug. It is used in South America to reduce the crimes. If anyone takes Scopolamine drugs, then it is forced to withdraw the money from a bank account. But at the end of the performance you will not remember anything.

According to the documentary, it is used as a powder. Anybody will lose the mental balance if this spreads over the face. It is odorless, tasteless, and more doses can lead to the death condition.


#4. Lysergic Acid (LSD):

It helps to determine the information is true or false.


#5. Amphetamine:

It is forced to speak constantly. After applying the injection, the information of the mind are exposed very fast.


#6. Pipradrol:

It is used to enlarge any feelings. No one wanted to be able to tell a little bit about anything. Everything he/she will speak.

#7. Ritalin:

It helps to speak by reducing the physical ability.


#8. TD – Strong Cannabis:

This is taken through the food and cigarette. They give the information unconsciously. You can say anything about the fact to anyone.


#9. Chlorpromazine (thorazine):

This is also used in to reveal the information.

#10. Twilight Zone:

By applying it, the earth seems to be a half dream and half reality. This is such type of complex processes. By using this, you can find out all information.

#11. Sodium pentothal:

This effect is reduced to telling the lie and is forced to tell the truth.

#12. Versed:

It creates a pain. But, after finishing the effects of drugs, you forget everything.


That is, these drugs led the people in the wrong way. But, scopolamine is the most widely used sedative drugs. There is a diversity of its. This looks like a white color flower. This type of flower grows abundantly in Columbia. And by using it, so many works are done. This flower also grows in other parts of the world. These are very gettable to the terrorists. By this way, they make a mixture by using plant material and they led to motivate or hypnotize the people. For knowing more, you have to search by writing “Mind Controlling Drugs” on Google.

This is a documentary video. Everything will be clear after watching the video.

World’s Scariest Drug (Documentary Exclusive):

How do they brainwash?

The terrorists kidnap the boys. And the boys do that, what the terrorists ordered them. Because, they have no knowledge. And in this short time, the brain wash is not possible. Because, they think about their family members, and they think about their relatives. But, drugs spoil their mentality. It forces to do everything. And after killing so many people, we get so surprised that why these boys do such kind of works. They will justify it before killing so many people if it is done by only brainwash.

I think, those who watch Hollywood movies, they easily understand first lines. So, please give sometimes to save him from terrorists and take the news. Take appropriate action if you watch any different attitudes. You must keep a peaceful situation in your family. You must keep an entertainment and healthy situation in your family. Please conscious about this situation.

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