How to make your website super SEO friendly


Most of us already know what is SEO and what does it means. If a blogger wants to see his written post on the very first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo then he must do SEO. For doing that, first of all, you have to make sure that your site is already in the super SEO friendly mood. Today we will see how we can do it. I will go through step by step so all you guys will be able to understand it.

How to make an SEO friendly website?

how to make seo friendly website

The process of How to Make your Website Super SEO Friendly

Matching Domain Name: It’s not obvious that you have to take exact keyword matching domain name for your website but it’s very helpful for the top ranking. So why we should miss the easy opportunity like this? If we can, then we should take the best keyword matching domain and end of the day it will help a lot to get top ranking on the search engine.

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Best Blogging Platform: This is a so-called question I have ever faced. Most of the people ask me which platform they should choose for blogging? Here my answer is it depends on you. But I recommend WordPress cause it’s so easy to use and most of all its very powerful and very good for search engine optimization.

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SEO Plugin: To make your website super SEO friendly then you got to use some SEO plugins. There is a lot of free and paid SEO plugin out there. WordPress SEO by Yoast, SEO Ultimate, Lazy SEO are the most popular SEO plugin and these three plugins are free to use. All these plugins are so good and by using these we can make our site super SEO friendly.

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Proper use of H1 and H2 tag: It is very important for good and proper SEO. So we must use these two tags.

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