What should you do if you are new in blogging

  1. I am new what should I do?
  2. I am new in blogging now what I have to do?
  3. I am new and just starting blogging, Now what?
  4. What should you do if you are new in blogging?

Normally every new blogger has the same question when they are very new in blogging. Blogging is one of the easiest things in the world and everyone can do the blogging. But how many can you do proper blogging? How many bloggers know how to do effective blogging. I think I am also very new in blogging and still in the learning stage of doing effective blogging.

Blogging takes time. It is very easy to type 500+ words, but it’s very hard to decide what are you going to type. Pro bloggers also found it diffracts when they are asked to what will be their topic.

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Today I will share some tips for the new bloggers. If you belong to those categories and have the same thought “What should you do if you are new in blogging” then just go through my today’s post. Hopefully, it can help you to do effective blogging.

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What should you do if you are new in blogging

  • #1? Follow authority blog:

It is very important for being an outstanding blogger, you should first follow some outstanding bloggers. Try to find some authority blog of your niche and make a list. Try to visit those blogs every day and try to learn something new from those blogs. See how they write blogs and how they share their post.

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Problogger, Copyblogger, daily blog tips are some good authority blog for blogging niche. So if you belong to that blog start following them.

  • #2. Never give up

When you are a new blogger and don’t get your targeted readers you may be frustrated. It’s the real hard time for the new bloggers, but you need to keep in mind that every successful blogger had a very hard time in their beginning. So if they can change their time whey you can’t? By working hard, hard and hard you can change your life too.

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Do you know Darren Rowse from Pro blogger (one of the best bloggers in modern time) doing blogging from last 10 years? Look at your yourself, you will discover a huge gap between Darren and you. So try, try and try, that waited moment will come and your dream comes true. So never give up.

  • #3. Write quality content

As new you blogger, it’s must write quality content. If you want to know something which you don’t know then what you do? You search on Google and try to get your unknown information from some blog. But did you notice yourself that when you found something that was less quality full you just ignored that site?

So it can happen on your blog too. So try to write quality content and made your readers happy. And you when your readers will happy at the same time you will be happy too.

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  • #4. Build relationship with readers

Without relationship, you can’t be successful. As a new blogger, you have to build the relationship with your readers. When they leave any comments try to reply it as soon as possible. Ask them what else they might want to know. Give some advice and try to make them happy. When you will do that you don’t have to create relationship cause the relationship will build up automatically.

  • #5. Build relationship with other bloggers

To become successful you got to build the relationship with other bloggers. When you able to build the relationship with other bloggers at that time you will be able to share your ideas and thoughts with them. It will help you to become a boss in your niche.

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By exchanging your ideas, views and thought your blogging capability would increase significantly.

  • #6. Participation on blog commenting

It’s the most used and easiest way of building relationship with other bloggers and readers. When a new post publishes try to be the very first commenter of that post. It gives a psychological happiness to the authors. So building relationship becomes so easy for new bloggers.

Try to add value by commenting instead of saying thanks for this post. If you can add value to the post the author will take you as a  loyal reader of his blog. If you leave comments by only giving thanks then there is a very high chance to get ignored.

Now it’s your turn!

What should you do if you are new in blogging? Give your tips to me and others what should they do when they are new in blogging?

Thank you…

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