How to add page numbers in Blogspot websites?

Page number is must for every website. If you are using WordPress, then there are many pageation plugins for self-hosted WordPress site. But, if you are using blogger or blogspot website, then it is too difficult to add page number into your blogspot website. You’ve to write custom scripts or you’ve to add custom style for creating page number.

How to add page numbers in Blogspot websites/Blogger Websites

page number for blogspot

We know, the page number is a very important part of each and every website. And we know, blogspot websites have no default page number, by default “Older Post” is written in every blogspot website instead of page number. But, if you follow the steps below, then you can add page number in your blogspot website.

You’ve to add only some HTML codes. And it is very easy to do. There is nothing to fear, this is a very easy trick. Follow me to add page number to blogger website.

#1 First, go to the dashboard of your blogspot website and click on the “Layout” button as below.

layout of blogspot website

#2 Now, go to the footer section and click on “Add a Gadget“.

add a gadget in blogspot

#3 Now, add “HTML/JavaScript” gadget.

html javascript gadget for blogspot

#4 Now, copy the following codes and paste into the “Content” area. In the title area, you can add any title.

#5 Now, click on the “Save” button and reload your blog, you will see the page number in your blog. (Don’t forget to check the number of posts on the front page).

page number for blogsopt

Done! Enjoy…!

Problem? Watch the Video Tutorial.

Thank you…