Software Download Related Blogspot Theme like FileHippo


Everyone has known about FileHippo, FileHippo is a software sharing site. If you want to design your Blogspot website like then download this theme and use it in blogspot site.

Software Download Related Blogspot Theme like FileHippo

software download template for blogspot website

In my previous tutorial I’ve shared many themes you will find these from here. There are many Blogspot themes I’ve shared but this theme is ideal theme for software sharing blog or website. I thing you are also waiting for this type of theme. The name of this template is – “Hippo Mag Responsive Blogger Template”. This theme is developed by following the software download related website . So, if you want to create software download related blog then use this theme. Otherwise don’t use this theme. But you can use it apps sharing blog or website like android apps sharing site or windows apps sharing site. So, this theme/template is a perfect theme for blogger who wants to create software download related website.

Now, features of Hippo Mag:

  1. It is a totally responsive theme.
  2.  Generates auto dynamic download link.
  3. Different layouts for popular software and last updated software.
  4.  Special place for advertisement.
  5. Social profile widget.
  6. Search box for searching your blog.
  7. Much more…

In a word this theme is a very useful for software sharing website. Hopefully visitor will like your website, website features and website template if you use it.

Now, it is time to download Hippo Mag. Download it from the link below.

 Download Hippo Mag from here

Bonus: I’m sharing another template if you want to create an informatics blog website by using blogger.

Visit here and download it. Also see the comment section.

Thank you for reading…

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