3 Amazing Blogspot Templates Free for Bloggers


Hello friends, I have come with 3 Blogspot templates (theme) for those who are a blogger. If you are a blogger and if you are using blogger.com (free blogging platform – provided by Google) then you can download all the Blogspot templates for free. So friends, download all the blogger themes and use it on your own blog.

Free Blogspot Templates (Themes) for Bloggers

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Now, I’ll tell you about these 3 Blogspot templates (themes).

1.  Bold Parallax Template: It is the very cute template. Personally, I like this template and I’m using this template in some of my blogs. I think you will also like it. You can see the live preview at this link. The original price of this theme is $5.95. But you can use the free version. Download free version from here.

download theme for blogger

2. Extremis Responsive Template: Another nice and beautiful template for bloggers. Maximum bloggers like this types of themes or Blogspot templates. It is a responsive template. So, users will be able to browse easily from any browsers of any devices. Click here for the live preview and click here for downloading the free version. The original price of this theme is $5.95.

3. True pixel: What should I say? It is also a beautiful template like previous templates. But it has a little problem. The loading speed of this theme is very slow. No doubt, you can say, it is a beautiful template for good looking. Watch the demo from here. Download free version from here. Actual price is $20. You can use pro version for getting loading speed fast.

4. Simplest: In a word, it is very simple and nice template. take a live preview. You can buy premium version price only $7.59.

Thank you for reading…

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