Top 10 Racing Games For Android/iOS 2019


Everyone loves to play games. If you love Racing games, then you are always eager to know about it. We are presenting top 10 best racing games for android 2019 for you. You may know about some of these games Some of these games are free, and some of the paid. Some games are offline and in some, you also get online support. So today we have brought you some of the best racing games for android, that you will love and improve your racing game experiences.

Top 10 Racing Games For Android/iOS 2019

racing games for android

1. Asphalt 9

Everyone who likes to play the game knows the name of Gameloft, Because of Gameloft always offered the premium games like Asphalt 9. Asphalt 9 upgrade version of Asphalt 8 which has recently launched on Google Play store. After successor Asphalt 8 Airborne Gameloft launched Asphalt 9 Legends racing games for Android, iOS, and Windows users in 2018. The game size around 1.5 GB you can download using Google Play Store or Apple store or Windows store. Gameloft introduced a new “TouchDrive” system on this game to make those players can focus on the game.


On this game, you have seen Fantastic graphics along with great game-play. Apart from running, you have run 50 worlds best cars and also able to upgrading them accordingly. When you complete each stage, you get a blueprint of a car which you can unlock and start a new stage.

2. Need For Speed

If you are a computer gaming fan then definitely know this name, Need For Speed. “Need For Speed” is a very popular Racing game for pc now this game is available the mobile platform. Need For Speed is free for download on the play store. It comes with great graphics, on this game you run approximately 60+ cars in 1000 different locations. If you compare it to PC Experience, then it will be wrong because the experience of the mobile platform and PC is quite different.

As No Limits have been written in the name of the game, But here in the game you get the limit, if you have to buy upgrades to increase the car-power otherwise it is very difficult to win the race. Keeping a free car racing game in your mind then Need For Speed can be very attractive for you.

3. CSR Racing 2

In the above-mentioned game, you control the car Left Right or back but in the CSR Racing 2, you have simple drag racing system. In which you have to shift the gear with perfect timing, then you can win the race.

On the CSR Racing 2, you have been given single player mode as well as the multi-player mode. Apart from this, you can customize 50+ cars according to your choice and make racing easier with a car upgrade.

4. Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is the most played racing game by me. This is the most popular game ever made by Fingersoft. This game comes with 2D graphics but it seems quite good and you get the car, bike, tank, boat and even different vehicles.

When you play for the purpose of completing the race, you get coins By which you can unlock the new stage and upgrading your car or bike.

5. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is an award-winning car racing game offered by Electronic Arts, Which looks the most different because of its simple gameplay. On this game, you can navigate the car quite easy because you can choose the control according to your choice and also change the camera angle.

In this game, you have found very different features like Time-Trials mode, Time Shift Multi-Player mode, Challenge mode.

6. SBK16 Official Mobile Game

The Game SBK16 also known as “SUPERBIKE” motorcycle racing game followed in a game and reality and wide range of drivers and countries. Therefore SBK16 tells the challenge really ever exists and is real, because of the name of the driver to “SAM LOWES and KAREL ABRAHAM” actually acquainted to those that like athletics motorcycles. It comes with 3D graphics with dynamic lighting effects and 10 different control option.

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7. Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is a first-person driving game, on this game you drive a motorbike full speed in traffic. On this game, you got a straight highway so when you over tech a car you are never worried about a turning point.

In Traffic Rider, you can choose more than 20 Motorcycles. In the beginning, You can use less powerful bikes, but in this game, you can unlock powerful bikes immediately. The best things are that you can them the different place, different times of the day.

Traffic Rider is an Attractive racing game there are several game modes, very attractive visuals, and most important, especially the customized gameplay for the touchscreen. This is one of the best motorcycle games for Android, yet.


Notro Nation is a most popular Drag Racing game, all the time and personally, I like it very much. Here you get the experience of running more than 100 Cars, including some super-cars. The main purpose of this game is to win the Drag Race by upgrading your car to your liking.

On this game, you play on single player mode and also get multiplayer mode, i8n which you can make your team and go to the top of the leaderboard. Here you do not have to face any kind of fuel time or upgraded delivery time, you can constantly play this game as long as possible.

9. Rush Rally 2

Rush Rally 2 is a paid game but its price has been fixed at just Rs. 90. Here as the name suggests, This is a rally based game. Here you have to play about 72 stages in 7 different countries and the different surface and different seasons. This is one of the best racing games for Android smartphone.

If you are a big player in the racing game, then you can participate in the champions cup or event directly, but if you are a beginner, then you have to prove yourself, by crossing every stage. This game also gives you the option of designing and upgrading your own car.

10. Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 is an attractive racing game introduced by Gameloft that has become quite popular. This is one of the best racing games of all time. In this racing game, you are able to make stunts, drift, and knock-out other cars.

In Asphalt 8 you get 180 events in 8 seasons, and you chose 40 different cars on different race tracks. Apart from these, multi-player mode is also provided with the single-player mode.

All Racing Games For Android Mentioned Above In This List Based On User Rating and Review and Practical Experience.

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