How to use a 3G MODEM on an Android Smartphone to access the internet?


In my previous tutorial, I showed you, How to connect android phone to PC for accessing the internet? Or How to use an Android phone as a MODEM? Or How to connect to the internet on PC with Android Smartphones? Today, I’m going to show you another updated tutorial about: How to access the internet with a 3G MODEM on an Android Smartphone?

What do you need?

  1. You must need an OTG (On-The Go) supported Android Smartphone.
  2. An OTG cable.
  3. A 3G MODEM along with a 3G enabled SIM card.
  4. PPP Widget 2 – this is an Android app. You can download “PPP Widget 2” from Google Play (Related tutorial: How to download Android Apps on PC from Google Play).

OTG Cable for Android Smartphone

otg cable

How to connect a 3G MODEM to OTG supported Android smartphones for accessing the internet?

#1 First, download the “PPP Widget 2” app from the Google Play store and install it on your Android smartphone. Now, create a shortcut or “PPP Widget 2” on “Home” screen from the Widget option.

PPP Widget 2

#2 Now, connect the MODEM to your Android Smartphone with OTG cable and wait a few seconds. “Configure” will appear in front of you, like below. If the “Configure” don’t appear, then check your cable that it’s connected properly or not.

PPP Widget 2 (Settings)

#3 Now, you’ve to configure your phone as your 3G operator. Click on “Edit current SIM Profile” to edit/configure. Ask your 3G operator for the APN and dial number to connect to the 3G network.

PPP Widget 2 (SIM Profile)

#4 Now, go to your “Home” screen, you will see like below:

PPP Widget 2 (DisConnected)

#5 Now, click on the “Connect” button to connect to the internet.

PPP Widget 2 (Building Network)

#6 When it will be connected to the internet, it will show the window like below.

PPP Widget 2 (Connected)


Problem? Watch the video tutorial.

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