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Today, my article is: Smart Phone Processor.

A Smartphone is just as important as the basic needs of the current period. But relatively little too hard to be purchased in accordance with the Smartphone. There are all kinds of Smartphone market Smartphone because they all kind of diverse features. Which one do you buy what is left of it to himself to make his own conflict.  But as the solution, we use the traditional theory. Things which are good price too.  For this reason we should take precedence over matters of Smartphone hardware quality than price. Moreover, hardware configuration, the phone’s performance than we have so many more camera pixels or more processor cores there are so many eyes see the matter more seriously. Maybe so, but you have to understand that the more megapixels the camera, but the image quality is not good. However, before you do core processor, will know how these things work. For more information about the processor core take a look at my own tune at a glance.

The Processor is not so good if the processor has so many cores

In my previous article, you read that, so many cores in processor do not mean better performance. More things for us to consider is performance. One thing, however, is a core mobile processor will follow the overall performance of a small unit. But then these units will be fully effective when the phone is all cores equally have access to the application. 


The games on mobile phones are installed in such a way that they use all cores of mobile processors. The phone performance is better if the phone processors have so many cores. If your smart phone has 8 cores then the rest of the 6 cores become useless. But the rest of the cores and the corresponding chips on unnecessary due to the phone’s overall performance as well as reduced battery life will decrease.

Processor Architecture- ARM vs. INTEL

The processor looks like a square chip. But, there are so many circuits in the processor. Each processor has a core, memory cache, Logic gate, and more. The tune, at least it will not know that you understand the basics of how they work. If you are interested you can find out a little more, but that is all, how processors are designed so that it can give a very good performance. You may take some concepts about Logic Gate.

The main task of the Logic gate is to make a connection between Processor Core and Cache. Just because, dual core processor give more performance than quad core and quad core processor give more performance than Octacore.


For android phone, the two main chipset makers are Intel and ARM. These two institutions follow the different ideologies. There are any chipset makers who follow the design made by ARM are: Qualcomm, Samsung, NVIDIA & Mediatek.

ARM Processor

The most smart phone processors are ARM processor. Because, apart from self branding, they also make processor in cooperation with Samsung, NVIDIA, and Mediatek. We may discuss more concepts about ARM Processor.   


According to the ideology of an ARM is that they always use two combined cores. This means that, if they require octa-core processor they use two quad core processors. These two quad core processors control the performance of the smart phones. Another focus is on efficiency, particularly the battery life in smart phones and the heat of the batteries and smart phones. These two processes work independently in the field all the time. Most smart phones’ chips are ARM based and manufactured by Qualcomm, Samsung, NVIDIA & Mediatek. 

Intel Processor

Another rival of smart phone processor makers is Intel. Intel launches a new method to compete with ARM.   ARM processors are in fact very low compared to the Intel processor, in the sphere of the smart phone. Intel remains supremacy in the computer industry. Currently, some institutions, such as Lenovo and Asus are using Intel processors. Unfortunately, the Intel still stuck in quad-core processor era. 


Intel brings a new change in the sphere of Laptop Processor. Especially, 2 in 1 Laptop processor is very modern. In them, new Intel Core-M processor is very modern. But, it does not use in mobile phones.  

So What! If the processor is OctaCore

Octa means eight. The octa core processor means the processor, which has eight cores. Though in present time, most of the smart phones make octa core processor by using dual quad core. But these eight processors can not go together at all, except in some special fields. Where is the greatness of this octa core processor? In response to this question in many smart phones, the company went on to praise their true Octa-Cores processors. This means that they are able to work together.


But the funniest thing in another place, at the present time is that the Smartphone app in the App Store the funniest none of them was prepared for the processor. A few high- quality games for the rest of the application to create a dual -core processor. My Smartphone is a hex -core processor (6 -core). But I do not play games. So what do the rest of the cores? I think the quad-core processor with all the waste if it is worth using an octa core processor.

All Quad Core Processor and all Octa Core processors are not equal

All types of quad core processors and octa core processors are not equal. There are so many types of processor. At present, you get Octa core or Quad core in 20 rupees or you get in 10 thousand rupees. Now, you have fallen in mental conflicts that which one is good and which one is bad. One of the processors currently on the market is the ARM Cortex-A series processors.  “A” series processors are all equal and are not strong. Let’s see the descending order of their power.


  • Mediatek MT6592 processor is available in the Smart Phone market.  MT6592 processor has 8 ARM Cortex A7 cores, which are able to do anything at the same time. The clock speed of 2GHz to 1.7GHz limited.
  • Moreover, ARM A15 core is used in popular NVIDIA Tegra 4 quad core. But the funny thing is, the performance of this good quality processor core (ARM A15) is far better than the 8 core processor of MT6592 (ARM A7).


What do you see about processor before buying any of the Smartphone?


Now, you have to forget the traditional theory. Apparently the day is end of buying the more cores processor phones. More cores do not mean that the processor is good or Ok. Very few people know that what is to be done by cores.  This chance is getting the companies. Guys, who read my article on our thementalclub site, hopefully, they have known all about it. Please concentrate on the quality of the processor, not the core of the processor. 


If you are not a high quality gamer then for you, quad core processor is enough. Please read my tune seriously and buy the smart phones. 

Last Word

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