IOS users, now take any paid app for free with vShare, without Jail Break


I hope all of you are fine. If you are not, then try to be good. Festival of Id and Roth bring in everybody’s life unlimited joy and happiness. Although after 2/3 days of Id, that disturbing thought of opening school comes in our mind. Anyway, I came to you with a new subject, a new tune. It is basically for I and S running device. Yet it will run in app market android also. But there is too many app market for android. Then let’s start today’s tune.

Do you know IOS users, now take any paid app for free with vShare, without Jail Break?


In present most of smart phone and tablet are powered by Android and undoubtedly it is more advanced though we know IOS of Apple is separate type than it. For several reasons IOS are more likeable to me. Anyway, I’m not going in any debate with it. But the security system of I and S running device is incomparable. In android we can install after downloading easily installing file of app sharing or paid app or APK file, but it can’t be easier like that on the iPhone or iPad or iPod. Getting paid app file of it is complicated like moon of amabasya. Today I’m telling you from getting any paid app of IOS in very easily and less time.

Let’s see, it’s advantages:


  1. You are getting this totally free,
  2. You will this with any paid app with free of cost,
  3. There is no need of any apple ID for using it,
  4. It is said that the app don’t crash,
  5. There is no need of any root or jail break,
  6. You will do several works like tools. Example- back up, etc.

Firmware Support:

·  IOS 6 and its upcoming any update.

In which way you will use:

At first download, vShare software in your PC. Now install it quickly. Now connect iPhone/iPod/iPad with cable with a PC. Keep on vShare. You will see within a few minutes- all information of your device has shown here. Yes! Your work has almost been completed. Click in “Apps” on the upper side of vShare. Now which app you want, search that app by writing its name in the search box. After finding out that app, click on the Download in below of this app. You will see download has been started. Wait till the end of the download. If the download is completed, then click on Downloads on the upper side of vShare and click in Completed on left side. The install has been written with downloaded app. Click there and enjoy your favourite app.

Download the vShare software.

In spite of this, with vShare you will do others work like iTools.

Thank you. I have finished here. Tunement is there if any problem is happening. You can tell me if you want to know about IOS. All of you take care. And yes, if anyone is mad for animation, then download from my site Best Toons Network.

Thank you.