How to control an Android Phone from another Android Phone with Bluetooth


Hi friends, How are you? Hopefully, all of you are very well. Today, I’ll tell you, “How to control an Android Phone from Another Android Smartphone”. From today, you can control your friend’s Android phone remotely via Bluetooth.

tablet remote

First, you download this app from the link below. 100% working App.

Click here to download the controller app from Google Play [Table Remot]

Alternatively, if you want to download this app on your PC, then read this tutorial, how to download Android app on PC from Google Play.

App Name: Table Remot

How the app works?

The things, which you have to do first:

#1 You’ve to install the app on both devices, which you want to control and where from you want to control.

#2 Now, run the app and go to the Setup option and you will get two options.  *enable tablet remote on this setting, *change the input Method for tablet remote.

#3 Now, click on “Option“. After clicking, you go to the “Settings” option and from here, click on the “Apps“.

#4 Now you back and go to the 2nd option and Tick the check box. Now, you go back and go to the connection option.

#5 You do the same settings in the mobile which you want to control.

table remote

#6 Now, go to the ‘Connection’ option and scan your friend’s mobile and find your friend’s phone and connect it with your phone.

#7 Before going to the “Connection” option you must go the “Bluetooth Settings” option and on the Visibility option > never time out. Oks, your task has finished. Now, you can control your friend’s phone from your phone.

You can control such things by using this software:

  1. Music player
  2. Video player (MX player is best)
  3. You can browse your internet.

You can do many so many things. Thank you!

Alternatively, you can use the “TeamViewer” Remote Control app for controlling any Android device or PC remotely.

Thank You!

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