Things to Beware of on a Dating Site


If you have signed up for a dating site in the hope of meeting Mr or Ms Right, you might be forgiven for thinking that everybody else on that site is there for the same reasons you are—to meet somebody nice and hopefully have a relationship with them. Well, guess what—not everybody has the same agenda as you!

Things to Beware of on a Dating Site

Things to beware of on a dating site:- 

Unfortunately, the proliferation of internet dating sites in recent years has led to a large number of opportunistic types looking for some extra curricular fun while their trusting other half is sat at home blissfully unaware. Even though there are lots of “dating” sites for those who are married or otherwise attached, it is not unusual to find people on regular dating sites who are dishonest about their status. Sadly, players abound, and you need to be very aware of the fact, or you could find yourself besotted with someone who subsequently turns out to be married.

But how can you tell?


 That’s the difficult part! Unless they have a picture on their profile with a second person scrubbed out, it’s pretty difficult to tell whether someone is lying about their relationship status. You really have to rely on your gut feelings. If you start talking to them and eventually decide to take the relationship to the next level, beware of anyone who gives you a mobile number, but tells you never to call them on evenings and weekends. There is no plausible reason for them to be unavailable every evening and weekend—except for the fact they have a husband or wife at home.

Beware the person who tries it on during the first date. Unless they are travelling for 300 miles to see you, there really is no good reason why they need to stay in a hotel on the night they meet you. And there definitely is no good reason why they need you to join them. Unless all you want is no strings fun. In which case, great, go for it. But don’t be too surprised if you never hear from them again!

Other issues to beware of on dating sites are those people who are desperate, bitter and twisted, or just plain weird. Whilst there are plenty of genuine people who use dating sites, there are plenty more who have borderline personality disorders. I know—I have met a few of them.

If you look at a profile and the picture on it strongly resembles a model, it probably is a model. Amazingly, some idiots do actually cut and paste pictures of models for their profiles. Then there are the types who lie about their age, weight, or hair. There is nothing worse than meeting someone for a first date, only to discover that not only are they twenty years older than what you are expecting, they are also ten stone heavier and have no hair.

If you start chatting to someone and they seem too good to be true, always maintain a sense of objectivity until you know them well enough to trust them. For every person you hear about who met Mr or Ms Wonderful on a dating site, there are ten times more people who met someone who was married with kids, yet “forgot” to mention it.

Give dating a chance, but never be too blinded by someone who appears to be everything you are looking for. Take it slowly and be aware that not everyone is as honest as you are.

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