Best Honeymoon Spots in INDIA


Today, my article is Best Honeymoon Spots in INDIA. The wedding season has come. You would sit under “Chatna Tola”. Then what? Do not go on honeymoon? Do you keep a one honeymoon on your life, which will be remembered forever. Nothing could be further deterioration of the relationship in progress. He’ll ask how many days, but this honeymoon memorable. So everyone can imagine to Switzerland. But pocket money and I think the real one. I think how many persons can go to Switzerland or abroad!!!

 There are also great places for a honeymoon in the country. After marriage, with your life-partner, I think, the beach is the greatest place for honeymoon. 


You want to write a new gold-colored fantasy of your life by keeping your feet in the gold-colored sand.

In below, here are some of the best honeymoon destinations which will make your life memorable.


For honeymoon, the sea-beach of the GOA is awesome. In between the rows of coconut trees, there is a beginning of the journey of your new life. You have never ever forgotten about those days.  It will not cost too much.



Kerala is called God’s own country.


Kovalam is called heaven. There is no lack of a place to stay. If you start your life in heaven, then, there is better than anything.

Kovalam Beach

Tarkarli Beach

If both of you are a little romantic, then you could be in the honeymoon at Tarkarli Beach in Maharashtra. The water sports will fill your hearts.


Daman Diu

If you like silent places and if you like foods, then, Daman Diu is the best address for your honeymoon.


Aleppey Beach:  

It is also in Kerala. Here you can see the beach and the nature in the night. It will be remembered forever.



So, please, don’t waste your time, just pack your luggages and visit in these places.

Thanking You!!!