You’ve probably heard the expression “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” a million times, but when it comes to love and romance, men really are a foreign species to the average woman. Unfortunately, opposites don’t always attract and there are some things women hate about men with a passion. So if you are a man who is struggling to find success in the tricky world of dating, read on to see if you regularly commit any of the following cardinal sins! 

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#1    Me, me, me, and, of course, me… yes, you guessed it, this type of guy is a classic narcissist: he only cares about himself and as long as the conversation revolves around him and his (many) achievements, he is a happy little bunny. But talking about oneself all evening is just plain boring for the other person so if you want to be more successful with the ladies, try showing a little interest in them for a change!

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#2    Show some respect! Most women want to be treated as a lady, which means showing her some respect: open doors for her, let her talk without interrupting her every five minutes, and generally look after her while she is in your company. Obviously you don’t need to go overboard, but it would be nice if you could turn up for our date on time and walk us to the car park/bus stop afterwards.

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#3    Don’t openly ogle other women… all men ogle other females at one time or another. They can’t help it. But although most women are apt to turn a blind eye, particularly if the recipient of the man’s attention is wearing something highly provocative, we find it highly insulting when you spend your time checking out every other woman within a ten mile radius and yet fail to notice we changed our hair colored a week ago.

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#4     Having a sense of humor bypass is not an attractive feature in a man. Laughter is a powerful aphrodisiac and all women love a sense of humor. Any man who can make us laugh like hyenas stands an excellent chance of taking the relationship to the next level. But if you sit there stony faced when we gently tease you about something silly, we’ll quickly assume you are about as much fun as a bottle of drain cleaner.


#5     Completely lacking in ambition is another deeply unattractive male trait. Women don’t necessarily choose a man based on his projected income over the next ten years, but they do prefer to be with a man who actually has life goals and knows where they are heading. So if your idea of a life goal is deciding in advance which pub you plan to be in for the next cup final, don’t expect to have a lot of success with the ladies—unless they are wasters like you.

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#6    Behaving like a teenager is not endearing to women. Just in case you have no idea what kind of behavior I am referring to: does belching, farting, and scratching your nether regions ring any bells? All of these things are best done in private, away from us. Doing them in front of us—and finding it funny—is not funny. It’s immature. So grow up.

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