Why Men Prefer to be in a Relationship


Hi!! Today, I am sharing a new topic. The name of the topic is Why Men Prefer to be in a Relationship. Ask most men why men prefer to be in a relationship as opposed to being single and the answer will invariably be: regular sex. Of course, it does not take a genius to figure that one out, although it probably explains why men are far more likely to stay in a relationship that does not satisfy them on every level when women are more inclined to end the relationship and move on. But surely there has to be other reasons why men prefer to be in a relationship?

Why Men Prefer to be in a Relationship.
Why Men Prefer to be in a Relationship.

On the whole, most of us are happier when we are loved-up and in a cosy couple. It is an undeniable truth that the world can seem like a very lonely place when you are single: who wants to be seen buying seven meals-for-one in Tesco?

Indeed, being single is even bad for your health! Studies have shown that men in long-term relationships always report higher levels of satisfaction than single men and a man’s life expectancy is at least five years longer when he is married or attached than if he is single.

So why do men prefer to be in a relationship?

Sex—as we have already mentioned, sex is a powerful motivator for any man to settle down with somebody, but why? When men are young, the biological imperative to go forth and spread those wild oats is all consuming. Consequently, most young men are far more interested in playing the field than settling down with Miss You’ll Do. But as time goes on, they begin to see the advantages of settling down and enjoying regular relationship sex.

Typically this change in attitude occurs in direct correlation to the decline of physical attractiveness—as a man gains a beer gut, he sees the wisdom of forming a relationship with a woman who will love him for his personality and ignore his wobbly bits. And so the man settles down with a woman and looks forwards to enjoying “sex on tap”.

Intimacy—relationships are not just about sex, they are also about intimacy, and as much as men enjoy their Friday night beer sessions with “the lads”, they also enjoy the intimacy of snuggling up in front of the television with you, their partner. Why is this? Scoring a conquest with a piece of hot totty down the local pub takes time and effort. The sex might be exciting, but the man is forced to be on his best behaviour in order to achieve his goal, and this eventually becomes too much like hard work.

Being in a relationship might mean he has to downgrade his notion of bedroom excitement, but at least he can comfortably wear his tatty old underpants, fart, fall asleep straight after, and you will still cook him his breakfast the following morning.

Not being alone—Brigit Bardot might have wanted to be alone, but most men prefer company. Why is this? Being in a secure relationship means never having to spend weekends and holidays alone, and this is a powerful motivator for deciding to settle down, and as their friends begin to settle down and have kids, most men start looking around for a woman to couple up with and do the same.

Somebody to take care of them—we all love to be looked after. At the end of a hard day, most men want somebody there who will listen to their grumbles, soothe their worries, and hopefully have cooked their dinner as well. And if they do the washing too, even better!

Kids—if a man wants children, he needs a woman, and being in a meaningful relationship is the best way to enjoy the delights of fatherhood. Obviously a man can have kids without being in a relationship, but if he takes this course, he runs the risk of not having any kind of relationship with his offspring.

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