Different types of Dating Site


Hi, how are you? I am fine. Today, I am sharing another very intersting topic for you guys. Dating sites are like shoes—there are lots of different styles to choose from, but not all they will be a very good fit!

  • The trick is before you go ahead and sign up for the dating site with the biggest, flashiest advertising campaign, try a few on for size first. Most sites are happy to let you browse through profiles without actually paying any cash out for the privilege. If you DO come across a site that insists on money up front before you are even allowed to look, then avoid it like the plague. It is probably a scam site and the only thing you will meet on there is a load of Nigerian gentlemen offering you the contents of a dead diplomat’s bank account.


  • Always remember that no matter what site you end up on, the advertising “profiles” shown on the Internet banners are usually never real people. You might be tempted to join a site when you think it is full of hot women/men but, unfortunately, all those hotties giving you the “come hither” look are usually models. Once you get inside the site, you will soon find that most of the singles are normal folk, just like you.

But what different types of dating site are there? 



The mainstream dating sites are the ones you see advertised everywhere. These include the likes of Match.com and Dating Direct. They work on the basis that there are millions of singles to choose from and, therefore, your odds of meeting Mr or Miss Right are greatly enhanced. They offer services like ‘personality profiling’, which (in theory) is designed to match you up with your perfect partner. In practice, this is often a load of rubbish since a computer cannot tell the difference between a total freak and a gorgeous hunk of manly sex-god.

I know this because I have been the happy recipient of “Meet your perfect partner!” emails too many times to mention—and been left astounded at what the computer thinks is the best I can hope for…

Alternatives to the mainstream dating sites are the ones aimed at specific categories. There are lots of niche sites offering specialist hook-up services. From Men in Uniform to Christian Dating, there will be a dating site out there to suit if you are interested in meeting people with a particular hobby or interest.

I should probably include Adult Dating sites in this “niche” category as they are generally aimed at people whose sole hobby in life is swapping bodily fluids with as many individuals as humanly possible.

Niche dating sites are a great way to meet like-minded individuals. If you are a keen runner/cyclist/outdoor enthusiast, you might find that joining a site full of people with the same interests is a cool idea. And you would be right! At least you know from the beginning that whoever you contact will be pretty much guaranteed to have the same hobbies as you. The only real downside to these sites is that they don’t have millions of members, so you might not exactly be spoilt for choice.

Other specialist sites include those set up for people who want to date men or women from a particular country, so if Russian girls are your dream date, you are in luck. Plenty of sites offer guys the chance to date hot Russian women.

And if you looking for cash not love, why not try a site where you can be introduced to rich single people?

Personally, I haven’t tried that one yet, but I may well give it a shot next time my bank account starts to look a little grim…

Thank you………..

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