Top 10 Tricks to Get Most Matches on Tinder


The success of Tinder is built on people’s fear of being rejected during acquaintance. After a quick registration via Facebook, the app displays the photos of the representatives of the sex you are interested in that are nearby. Only mutually approved people receive the privilege of contact and the opportunity to agree on a meeting. In just two years, Tinder has become a mega-popular in the US, Europe, and Australia. 1 million couples are created with its help every day. So, how to become one of them? How to date good Belarus girls and many other beautiful ladies?

Tricks To Get Most Matches on Tinder

Tricks to Get Most Matches on Tinder
Tricks to Get Most Matches on Tinder

#1. Photos

Each of us has only one chance to make a good first impression. In the case of Tinder, your profile picture is that chance. If it doesn’t intrigue a potential soul mate, you lose. Your photo should attract attention. So don’t give a person a chance to swipe left. It should interest a girl, and she should visit your profile to see the rest of the photos.

Tricks to Get Most Matches on Tinder

#2. Range of Distance

It is not the most important option here, but the main thing is not to choose 1-2 miles just because the number of selected people will be small. Even if a girl lives far away, you can meet in the center of your city after work, classes, etc. But it is preferable to set a radius of no more than 20 miles.

Maintain Distance to Get Most Matches on Tinder

#3. Swiping

Lunchtime from 1 to 2 p.m. is the best variant because girls are also looking for partners in their spare time. At this time, 2-3 couples are usually formed. Sunday evening from 9 pm is also a good time for Tinder. But Monday morning is not the best time for looking for a match.

Tricks to Get Most Matches on Tinder

#4. Super Like

If you have a free version of the app, you have only 1 Super Like per day. If the membership is paid, you have as many as 5 Super Likes. How do you know if someone sent you a Super Like? While you are scrolling through the candidates and swiping right and left, take a closer look: a profile of a person, who sent you a Super Like, will be highlighted in blue.

Super Like on Tinder
Super Like

#5. Description

The description of your profile must be original. People are curious creatures. Some of them will pay special attention to your photos, but mostly, they will want to peek into your head at least a little. It is not necessary to use all 450 characters. A couple lines should be more than enough.

6. Desires

Successful people just know what they want. To be precise: if you want to get acquainted with a girl who likes active rest and travels then indicate this; if you want to get acquainted with a modern girl who knows the best bars in the city, again, indicate it. Don’t be shy about your desires, and they will take you to the one you really need.

Top 10 Tricks to Get Most Matches on Tinder

7. Humor

Girls appreciate wit and humor. This can and should be shown in all the previous paragraphs. You can make a completely comic description, or you can insert a joke at the end of your profile:

I’m looking for a girl for family dinners with my parents to make them stop thinking that I’m gay.

#8. Communication

Be sure to look at photos on Instagram and other social networks with a lot of photos from different angles before going on a date. Photos from dating sites a little different from real life, but in any case, it will save you from very steep incidents.

#9. Reciprocity

First, make sure that this desire is reciprocal, and then, easily and playfully, ask a girl to go somewhere for a cup of coffee/glass of wine. If you have a dispute, you can write “Hmm, I don’t agree…Would you like to discuss this in person?” There are no transparent hints, but no frank insistence as well.

Top 10 Tricks to Get Most Matches on Tinder
Date On Tinder

#10. Date

Write down and specify the place and time. But please, don’t ask “Are we dating already?” This can lead to fluctuations. Just discuss the details and get ready for a date with a girl.

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