There are some easy solution for the problems of slow Wi-Fi connection


Do you know, how to boost Wi-Fi signal strength10 Settings to Optimize the Internet Speed and Improve the Security of a Wi-Fi Router  – I wrote this tutorial a few days ago. Now-a-days Wi-Fi connection is also very important for us with all smart devices like Laptop, Smartphone, and Tab etc. But this useful Wi-Fi signal gets slow speed in sometimes, which speed Wi-Fi gives, if we don’t get like that then obviously we will get disturbed. Really, it can be said there are many reasons for the slow speed of Wi-Fi signal. But there are some easy reasons which we see easily, but ignore them. I will try to promote those easy reasons in short, so that we can get free from the problems of slow speed of Wi-Fi signal.

slow Wi-Fi connection

#1.    Change the position of the router: Many people don’t think so much for the placement of routers, but you will be wonder to know that you can get well performance of your router for changing a little bit of the place. You should keep it in your mind that in case of placement of routers.  Like-

#Height – Router has to keep in high, so that radio waves of router will be able to broadcast highest

#Concrete and Metal: Materials like concrete and metal obstructs waves of Wi-Fi. But these two materials not only gives obstacles to radio wave, but also those things are able to obstruct which are made of that material like electronic devices. So that you should keep router in the safe place.

#Distance: How much you will go from the router then that much signal will be weak that router of your device. So you will try router will be stay in the center of your room or flat, so that the router can cover that total area.

#2 Wireless Interference and Noise: Do you know that we have different type of Wireless signal in our surroundings? How? Like an electronic device, Wi-Fi router, Satellite, Cell tower and more of these. These Wi-Fi interference and its noises are able to reduce your Wi-Fi speed! Don’t you understand? Ok, let’s go to know it with a description.

#Microwave: Do you know Microwave oven of your house can create interference in your Wi-Fi network? This trouble is generally with old router. Because Microwave oven works as 2.45 GHz frequency which is very near Wi-Fi band of 2.4 GHz.

Most of the part of Microwave oven is created this way, so that waves can’t be detected. But if any device has a fault or shield of low quality then it is possible to create interference in your Wi-Fi signal easily.

#Bluetooth Device: Bluetooth technology operates at 2.4 GHz frequency. Of course you have got the rest of the part. So, Bluetooth Device can make weak your Wi-Fi signal.

#Christmas Light: It is surprising to hear that Christmas Light has also been able to create interference in your Wi-Fi band, because every light makes electromagnetic field.

Boost The Signal of Wi-Fi Router

#3 Your Neighbours: Everybody use router certainly in your surroundings, isn’t it? And for this reason many router gets close and create overlap in your channel. And in this way your Wi-Fi band can destroy a little bit because of your neighbours’ router.

In spite of this which I think at least that if someone of your neighbours use and enjoy your Wi-Fi advantage without knowing you then you have to watch your router settings which will be safe for you.

#4 See your computer very well: It can be like that after downloading you have kept many things in torrent and if it is not in your mind and for that reason your Wi-Fi speed is getting slow. You can check also each and every application by running from your task manager, in which background any app or software have attracted or not maximum bandwidth which it requires.

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