Wi-Fi Internet Networking Business Solution Service (Check it Now)


If you are a Wi-Fi user then please read this post. This post about- Wi-Fi Internet Networking Business Solution Service and Wi-Fi internet networking…

Wireless broadband internet service is an easy way to bring out technology to the customer through the Wi-fi Technology. Basically the Wi-fi device typically provides services in 100 meters distance. But a lot of device that’s come to provide service up to 5 km. Today I will tell you that what are the devices may we use for Wi-fi Networking. The device names are given below-

1) Bullet

2) Grid Antenna

Grid Antenna
3) Nano Station

Nano Station
4) Nano Beam

Nano Beam
5) Omni

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6) Picostation

7) Rocket dish

Rocket dish
8) Rocket

9) Sector Antenna

Sector Antenna
10) UniFi


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