How to Monitor Your Employee’s Facebook Activity Using a Facebook Spying App?


Tapping into someone’s Facebook account is a serious infringement on personal privacy. Thereby, it should be avoided. Unless, you are an employer who isn’t willing to pay for the Facebook fun of your employees anymore and come to the idea of using Facebook spying app on company-owned devices. Using a social networking site while on the clock can be a great distraction as it results in excessive wastage of time, which hampers the overall performance of your business. You certainly can’t afford this kind of trend to slide into your firm because it’s contagious. If stringent measures aren’t taken soon enough, it could literally plague the entire organization.

Not All Facebook Messenger Spying Apps Are Created Equal

Unfortunately, not all Facebook messenger spying apps are created equal. It’s imperative to pick a reliable spyware that delivers the desired results. You need a Facebook spying app that could unveil what others spy messengers cannot simply pull off. It should offer extensive features that empowers you to take prompt action when your employees are killing time using social networking site at the workplace. In brief, you require a program that may help you connect the missing dots by finding the answers to your questions.

Facebook Spying App

What Can You Monitor With a Reliable Facebook Spying App?

Track Facebook messages, including downloaded files and other details such as:

  1. Monitor Facebook Messenger chats.
  2. View downloaded multimedia files (photos, videos and other) saved on the company-owned devices from Messenger.
  3. See contact details along with time and date stamps.

The Rudiments to Spy on Facebook Messenger

To spy on your employees’ Facebook messages, you need a valid subscription to install the spying app on the target tablet or cell phone. Make sure the device you wish to monitor have a working internet connection for the Facebook conversations to upload on your web-based account. Opt for the spyware that offers both Android and iOS versions, so you can monitor any device. The Android version of the spy app should support devices running Android OS versions 4.0 up to Nougat 7.0. For iOS users, there should be two versions:

  1. Jailbreak
  2. No-Jailbreak

The no-jailbreak edition doesn’t require you to physically access the device to install it. While for the jailbreak edition the Facebook spying mechanism is similar to how you monitor FB Messenger on Android.

How to Monitor Facebook Messenger Chats with Xnspy?

With this effective tool, you’ll be able to tap into the Facebook Messenger of your liking. And here is how you can do that:

Monitor Your Employee’s Facebook Activity Using a Facebook Spying App

  1. Get hold of the devices you like to keep tabs on and install the Facebook spying app on them.
  2. Once the Xnspy is installed, sign in to your personal web account, and click on the ‘Dashboard‘ to access the device info under different sections.
  3. Click on the Plus ‘+’ sign in front of the Messenger (on your left) to view all the messaging apps installed on the device.
  4. Select ‘Facebook‘ from the list.
  5. Now, you can see all the sent and received messages along with time, date and contact details.

Is it Possible to Download Facebook Chat History to an Off-Site Location?

If you are using Xnspy, you can export Facebook chat history to an off-site location or your personal computer (PC) with ease using your web-based account.

Can You Track Facebook Messenger Chats without Accessing the Target Device?

Xnspy requires one-time access to the device if you are looking to monitor an Android or jailbreak iOS phone/tablet. The no-jailbreak devices don’t require you install the app on them. You can remotely set up the program and stay current with the target’s online activities.

Is it Possible to Snoop on Facebook Conversations When the Target Device isn’t Connected to the Internet?

Snoop on Facebook Conversations

The Facebook spying app keeps collecting data in the offline mode even when there is no internet on the target device. You can get a hold of these conversations as soon as the device connects to the internet.

Additional Benefits of Using an Advanced Facebook Spying App

Besides minimizing wasted time at the workplace, the spying tool is beneficial in many other ways.

  1. Settle Disputes

The program can also come in handy when it comes to settling disputes as the Facebook spying apps are also used to monitor employee email. Not only this helps companies anticipate problems but allows them to catch errors before they get out of control. You would be surprised to know that 43 percent of employers track their employees’ emails.

  1. Better Employee Productivity

When employees do not fall into distractive social networking activities, they are able to focus better on the assigned tasks, which drastically improves productivity. Improved productivity positively effects the bottom line of a firm.

  1. Highlight Employee Performance

Having a clear real-time picture of your employees’ activities allow HR managers to easily identify the lowest performers. At the same time, it also spotlights the highest performers, so you can reward or promote them.

Monitor Employees Facebook Activity Using a Facebook Spying App

4. Minimize Money Waste

When the workers focus on their work, it saves employers a lot of cash as he won’t be paying his team for Facebook usage or false overtimes. Overtime payrolls and employee time theft are one of the leading concerns for many businesses today.

Be wary, Facebook isn’t the only social networking application that employees use to waste time at the workplace. There are Tinder, Instagram, and several other apps. Fortunately, Facebook Spying App can also be used to monitor these social networking sites. The spying app for Tinder will let you tap the fastest growing adult dating app that has been a glare of publicity for its peculiarities. By the same token, the Instagram monitoring application lets you peep into your employees’ Instagram account to ensure they aren’t sharing images of confidential documents or wasting their time liking or sharing pictures on the platform.

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