How To Keep FaceBook Messages UnSeen? Mark FB Messages Unread


Keep FaceBook Messages UnSeen: Someone has sent you a message on Facebook when you read the message the sender knew it. Many people are not like this feature of Facebook. When you read the message on Facebook a scene mark will create. And the sender easily understands that you have read the message. And also shows the time, when you have read the message.

How To Keep Facebook Messages UnSeen? Mark FB Messages Unread

Keep FaceBook Messages UnSeen
Keep FaceBook Messages UnSeen

Mark FB Messages Unread

Now you can easily eliminate this method, it means that if you have read the message, the sender would not find anything about this message. So you can read the message away.

In the case of mobile phones, you don’t solve this problem if you have logged in to the desktop computer you can solve this problem easily.

How to Keep Facebook Messages UnSeen?

So at first, you have to install an “Unseen” named free Facebook app.

This “Unseen” app will read your Facebook messages secretly. The sender will know that you have not read the message.

There is also an extension of Google Chrome which name is “Facebook Unseen“. You can mark the messages which you have read or not read by this extension.

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