Read Your Child’s Facebook Messages Without Them Knowing


Do you wish to become a Facebook spy and read someone’s Facebook messages by getting access to their account? We will tell you about some ways to help you monitor someone’s Facebook account.

Facebook has become an integral part of our daily routine. Not a single day goes by when we do not go through our Facebook feed or not interact with a closed one on Facebook Messenger. There will be hardly any person who doesn’t have a Facebook account. The same goes for children.

Remotely Monitor Facebook

Children are using Facebook far more in excess compared to adults. While the social media platform allows them to chat with their friends, share pictures and videos and play games with them, you must not forget that the same platform has also teamed with all sorts of online threats.

Online predators, sexters, and cyberbullies can be found on Facebook as they are always in the lookout for young and imbecile children. While adults can protect themselves against these online threats, children, on the other hand, are vulnerable who may not be able to defend themselves.

They do not think much before beginning a conversation with a stranger on Facebook and become friends with them. Strangers lure them for their own evil purposes and trap them by saying good things to them.


This is why it is important for parents to take notice of their children’s Facebook messages to find out who they are interacting with on Facebook. In fact, monitoring Facebook has become a necessity for all digital parents. By monitoring your child’s Facebook account, you can minimize the risks associated with online dangers and protect your kids on the platform.

How to Read Your Child’s Facebook Messages?

There are several methods to read your child’s Facebook messages but we will only tell you about the tried and test methods. In fact, the market is laden with numerous Facebook spy and hack tools but the trick is to find out the ones that genuinely work.

Read Facebook Messages
Read Facebook Messages

The following methods will help you monitor your child’s Facebook activity as well as read their private Facebook messages:

  • Phishing
  • Keylogging
  • Investigate Secretly
  • Monitoring Software

Now, let’s discuss these methods in detail.


Hackers make use of phishing method to steal someone’s Facebook credentials. In this method, the hacker develops a webpage which is identical to Facebook’s login page. Usually what happens is, when a user comes across this page, they enter the credentials of their Facebook account without looking at the URL of the page.


As soon as the credentials are entered, they are sent to the hacker’s system. Using those credentials, the hacker can then gain access to their Facebook account. This method only works when the target has failed to pay attention to the URL of the page.

Normally, children do not pay much heed to the URL. They just give a look at Facebook’s login page and enter their account details. It is easier to lure children with the phishing method compared to the adults as the former are innocent. Therefore, if you need to read your child’s Facebook messages then you can make use of the phishing method.


Keylogging is another method of keeping track of your child’s Facebook messages. All you need to is download a keylogger file and get it deployed on your child’s PC or mobile phone.


When your child opens the keylogger file, whatever they type on their system, be it PC or mobile phone, all the keystrokes will be recorded and sent directly to you. For instance, when your child enters the credentials of their Facebook account, the keylogger will record all the keystrokes and share the information with you.

This way you will get to know their Facebook credentials instantly and access their Facebook account and read their messages whenever you want.

Investigate Secretly

Another method of monitoring your child’s Facebook activity and reading their Facebook messages is sniffing. Though this method is considered illegal to track someone’s Facebook activity and is non-advisable, you can still use it to prevent your child from online threats.

Facebook messages is sniffing

In the sniffing method, what you do is, enter into your child’s mobile phone or computer and then investigate it secretly. For this, you will need physical access to your child’s device. Sometimes it is good to be bad when you know you are doing something for all the right reasons.

Monitoring Software

Monitoring software can also be used to monitor your child’s Facebook activity. This software comes either in the form of a computer program or a mobile application. Apart from letting you monitor your child’s Facebook messages, the software can also help you monitor their phone calls, text messages, web browsing history, location, etc.

Facebook Monitoring Software

If you are keen on knowing how to hack Messenger of your child and read their Facebook messages, then you should get your hands on a monitoring software as it lets you read all the sent and received messages on Facebook Messenger, including individual as well as well group chats.

Other than that, the monitoring software will also help you understand how much time your child spends on Facebook. If they spend a huge chunk of their time on Facebook then you can consider putting restrictions on the app usage and limit their screen time consequently.

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