How to know the Facebook password of your friend?


Know the Facebook password of any friend. It is very easy, if you use your friend’s PC. Without using the friend’s PC you could not be able to do this. Because, we’ll use Elcomsoft’s “Facebook password extractor” to extract the Facebook password from the browser. Sorry, not only the Facebook password, you can extract any password which have been stored in the browser.

How to know the Facebook password of my friend?


What do you need to know the password of your friend?

  1. Your friend’s PC.
  2. Facebook password extractor” software [Download Now]

Follow the steps below to know the password:

First, install the downloaded software on your friend’s PC.

Second, now close all the browsers and run the “FPE.exe” file after installing the software. If it shows any message, then click on the “OK” button. See the screenshot below.

facebook password extractor

After searching, the software will show the list of login email and password – which are already stored in the browsers.

show saved password of any browser

Note: If you’ve basic coding knowledge, then you can use the inspect element option to find the saved password. If the victim use a Master password, then will not be able to see the saved password with inspect element option. You’ve to use the software, which is given by me.

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