What are the qualifications to get a job on Facebook?


Watch what things you need to know if you want to get a job on Facebook?

Over the past few years, Facebook is growing as a large social media in all over the world. So, from social network to the billion dollar of institution, Facebook is the dream arena of all modern technologists.

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Nowadays, the best workplace of worldwide modern technologists is Facebook. But, getting a job at Facebook is not an easy task. Eric Berne, the product manager and successful entrepreneur of Facebook, has given 5 advices. If you keep it in mind, then you may get a chance to interview. Take some advices:

#1. Compact Idea about the Product: You have to fall in love on the products of the institution. You have to keep an interest about the products that why the product gets successful or gets failure? You have to keep an interest in the technology. You have to fall in love in the technology. Technological products will give you a real romantic feeling.

#2. Have an ability to execute the work: Facebook wants to see the qualities among the employees. You have the ability and wishes for executing the work. There is a huge pressure on every employee of every department. The performances of every employee will evaluate after every six months. The best performer is one who gives extraordinary ideas and works one after another. In here, everybody is in the product manager of the related products.

#3. Captaincy: You have to keep a compact idea about in which places the Facebook can work. That is, you have to keep an idea just like a captain. In the execution of the project and in the implementation of the projects you have the specific role. You have to understand the demand, mentality, and the ideology of the every employee. It is required to present yourself in a proper way in coordination with it.

So many people think that to get a job on Facebook, a huge experience is required. It is not that, according to Eric Berne. He said that there are two things which are not required to get a job on Facebook.

#1. Work experience: The work experience is not required in the technology. It is not required to get a job in the social media. There is no code of the work of the product manager. Facebook wants to see the creativity of the employees.

#2. Study from the Renowned Institution: It is one of the conditions of getting success in the work life. The best job will get after passing from a renowned school, or college or university. But, the Facebook does not believe in that. In here, the quality is the main thing for getting the job. There is no profit of Facebook if you are a passed out students of hi-fi university and you do not fulfil the criteria of the Facebook. On the other hand, medium or low qualified people can do hi-fi work. This is the main demand of the Facebook.

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