5 Best Messaging Apps for Android Smartphone Users


Text messaging is a very popular ways to communicate in the world. It’s fast, simple to do, and it doesn’t require you delaying what you’re doing like telephone calls do. We do comprehend that many individuals still favor the human touch of chatting on the telephone and we regard that. Be that as it may, how about we confront certainties, the vast majority are messaging nowadays. How about we investigate the best messaging applications and SMS applications for Android to check whether we can’t enable you to improve your messaging background.

Here is a list of 5 Best Text Messaging Apps for Android

#1. SMS Organizer by Microsoft

If you want to experience the best messaging app, then you must use the SMS Organizer app. I’m sure, you will be fallen in love. The software giant – “Microsoft” has newly launched this app for the Android Smartphone users. The app is available on Google PlayStore with the name “SMS Organizer – Clean, Blocker, Reminders & Backup“. But, the app is available only for Indian users. If you are outside of India, then you may download the app from the third-party websites. Alternatively, you may use VPN to download the app from Google PlayStore. Here is a tutorial to download apps on PC from Google PlayStore.

The best messaging app for android

Advantages & Features:

  • A Microsoft’s garage project & it is free to use (Available only for Indian).
  • 30 Free SMS credits every day – which you can send between 9 AM to 9 PM (internet connection required).
  • Backup and Restore facilities from Cloud storage.
  • Black version & white version user interface (theme).
  • Automatic SMS Cleanup.
  • Messages automatically moved to the promotional folder.
  • Promotional, Transanctional and SPAM message detection.
  • Smart reminder – Like: movie ticket booking, flight booking, train tickets, bill payments and more.
  • Quick action tab.
  • User-friendly user interface.

#2. Facebook Messenger App by Facebook

It is a solid & best messaging app for Android users. It is the best way to communicate with all the people and business in the world. Messenger is a free, fast and secure. You can use this app along with Facebook. If you have a Facebook account, then you must use this messenger app. You’ve no need to other SMS apps. This app is a very solid Facebook chatting system as well as messaging app. So, the people can receive the messages and also sends the messages very quickly. It is a very fast messaging system.  This messaging system comes very quickly on the screen of the user’s device.

Facebook Messenger App

Advantages & Features:

  • The charge of every SMS is depending on the plan. The cost of the every MMS is Rs. 3.00. Although the texts and pictures in Facebook Messenger is totally free. Messaging to Facebook friends are totally free.
  • You can send files and links by using Facebook Messenger.
  • This app allows users to speak with one another. It also gives people the ability to speak within groups if they so choose. If a user happens to be overseas, then Facebook Messenger can even be used to call a specific phone number.

#3. TrueCaller

TrueCaller is another very popular, solid and the best messaging app for Android users. It is the World’s best Caller ID. It is a fully dual SIM supported app. It known when your friends are available. You can also be able to see the names of the unknown numbers in the call history and blocks and telemarketers. It flashes messages, shares location and various kinds of colourful emoji are also available. It flashes in all screens. If you want, then you may use TrueCaller as an SMS app. Because, the latest version can read, write and send SMS. So, if you are a TrueCaller user, then I think you’ve no need to use the other app for sending SMS.

Truecaller Messaging App

Features & Advantages:   

  • It has Spam inbox.
  • It automatically identifies every unknown SMS.
  • It automatically blocks spam and telemarketing SMS.
  • It blocks by name and number series.
  • It shares location to friends.

#4. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS has been around since past times worth remembering of Android and was one of the primary, better than average outsider messaging applications for Android. It has since developed into an application that grasps Material Design while as yet have a lot of highlights. Some of them incorporate emoticons, SMS blocking, the snappy answer in the warnings, MMS, and gathering informing. You can even stop a content mid-send if necessary. It additionally accompanies Android Wear and Pushbullet bolster. There are a lot of other customization highlights should you need them. It has 10 million active users. You can choose from hundreds of free themes to personalize your messaging experience and some of the features include scheduled SMS sending, group MMS, delayed messages, pinning favorite conversations to the top, blocking certain numbers and sending quick replies.

chomp SMS

Features & Advantages:

  • It has over 100+ themes to customise the chat area.
  • It has schedule messages.
  • Password protects your conversation.
  • It has SMS Backup and Restores supported.
  • Blocklist the contacts.
  • It has also the facility of Group messaging.
  • It stops the spending message.
  • Pin personal conversations.
  • It has digital Signatures.
  • It has 1600+ android, twitter emojis to play around.
  • It supports PushBullet, Mighty SMS are supported.

#5. Textra SMS

Textra SMS is one of the solid and the best messaging app for Android. It accompanies a topic picker, a dark mode, floating notices, postponed sending, slide to erase, and a lot of different highlights. It likewise accompanies coordinate help for Android Wear, Pushbullet, MightyText, and others. You can utilize the vast majority of the highlights for nothing. There is a single in-app purchase for $2.99 to unlock the pro version. Apart from customization, you can delay the sending SMS, slide the chat area to get the camera, send multiple photos through MMS, SMS backup and restore, blacklisting contacts, SMS bomber and compression are notable features.

Textra SMS

Features & Advantages:

  • It is very small, efficient and effective app.
  • It has tons of themes to customize chat area.
  • Delay the sending SMS.
  • It supports SMS/MMS.
  • It is a quick reply in Pop-up chat.
  • It blocks spam messages.
  • Mute individual/group conversation.
  • It is very compatible with Android wear and PushBullet.
  • It has Auto-save videos and images.

Conclusion: All of these are very good messaging apps for Android. If I am at your position, then I would pick up the SMS Organizer app.  But there are also some messaging apps for Android. These are: 6. Quick Text Messenger; 7. Android Messages; 8. EvolveSMS; 9. Simtten SMS; 10. WIVI SMS etc.