How To know If your Phone Is Fake or Original?


Friends, in the present era what one is original and what is master copy: if you do not identify then I will say that it is your failure. How do you know the original Android phone for every phone has its fake mobile also? Because technology is a very developed. There are so many steps to identify the original phone. Today, I will tell you about it.

How To Know If your Phone Is Fake or Original?

know If your Phone Is Fake or Original?


It is not a complex task to identify the mobile. You can also get 2nd hand set but if you do not understand it, then you will be trapped by your foolishness. Then you will lose everything. But, if you have no idea, then it is very difficult to identify it. Buying second hand or cheap stamped handsets might be risky because cell phones nowadays, especially rare models, can also be copied. Some called them “Clone” or “Premium Copies.” Because originals and cloned cell phones look so alike, you cannot know them by just holding the materials used on the phone, but even then, there’s always a difference. If you know what to look for, you can check if your phone is an authentic or not.

know If your Phone Is Fake or Original: Mobile Markets are filled with Fake Phones and they selling them as Original even with Branded tags beside it the replica phones are present in the market that looks similar to the original phone, to check whether your phone is original or fake there are two ways of checking it. These methods will help you a lot while buying a used cell phone. In the present time, Chinese brand and clone set reserves a huge place in the mobile marketing. Now fr om online you just take out your IMEI then you can find out so many information.

  • U can differentiate between fake and original by using this app from Google Play will give u idea by comparing your smartphone with other

Follow The Steps to check if your phone is original or not:

1. First Check the following Features :

Be careful about the spellings, For example, Soniericsson, Nokla, Techno and Samsvng Warranties: Always insist on 12 months warranty certificate from the handset manufacturers; Never an oral agreement with the seller. Fake phones come with shorter warranty periods since counterfeiters cannot guarantee it will last so long.

Check for a performance of the handset: Some people carry their phones home without testing it first. Some dealers encourage this, knowing the handset is fake. As you check it out, you may notice some points of low performance such as memory which is smaller or poor quality photos.

Appearances: like dull colours, Fake logos, built quality difference in weight, screen size, location of buttons and battery, quality of printing and paint finish, added or missing functions, quality control stickers and holograms and an overall lack of quality.

2. The other method is checking Phones quality through 15 digit IMEI code:

you can find it in Settings > About > Status. or You can simply dial *#06# on your handset to display your IMEI. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a 15-digit number and may be found in the packet of the mobile phone. It may also be found by removing the back cover and it may be placed on the battery sticker. NOTE: The number might be as below: 3 6 9 3 9 5 [b]0 1 2 3 5 5 6 7 8[/b]. By copy IMEI to this site:

3. Go to the cell phone manufacturer’s website and check the materials used:

 To be sure, it’s better to check their website to know what materials were used for your handset.

4. Check The Specification on the Box:

Compare your mobile with your handset by going to Settings > About phone. If the specifications don’t match, it’s possible your phone is a clone.

5. Check the software:

iPhone clones are not Java capable and use Android as their OS. The clone manufacturer cannot use iOS because it’s Apple-exclusive. An iPhone is connected to iTunes, and you must have an I-Cloud account to allow synchronisation from your phone.

6. Check the serial number:

To get an iPhone’s serial number, go to Settings > General > About phone. Once you get the serial number, input it Here: It will check your phone’s warranty period. If the system says “We’re sorry, but this serial number is not valid.

Last Words | Conclusion:

So all the best process are given above you can test your android or I-phone device to know If your Phone Is Fake or Original. Hope You Like This article and it is very useful to you to identify your Android or me phone device is fake or original. Must share this article to show your interest and help those who are searching for it. be aware of it. Because Share always helps to others. If you have any issues related or any other topic that you are searching for a long time then you are requested to put down your valuable comment below in the comment box below. Your one comment of your interest will encourage me to write more new updated articles for you. thank you.