UploadEtc.com For Sell – Best Fit For File Sharing Website (Including File Sharing Script and Website Template)


Are you planning to create a file sharing website – I mean, do you want to build a free file hosting website, then this is a perfect way and the best choice to buy UploadEtc.Com. We want to sell this file sharing website including the domain name, file sharing script (New version of X file sharing script) and the website template also. If you are interested or looking for this kind of website to buy then must read all the features and advantages of UploadEtc.com.

Buy UploadEtc – The Best File Sharing Website

UploadEtc Home Page
UploadEtc Home Page

What Is UploadEtc?

UploadEtc was a file hosting provider and had been edited by the www.TheMentalClub.Com team. UploadEtc.Com was made to give any client the opportunity to share any file completely free. It is a free Real Cloud File Hosting Provider. You can host files, images, videos, audio/Music and flash in the same place.  We offer online storage/remote backup capacity, advanced uploading, and downloading files.

Why should You Buy UploadEtc?

This is the main question of those who are thinking to buy this website that, why should we buy your UploadEtc website. Here are the reasons are given below. Hope it will clear all your curiosity.

  • Whenever you need to send a file that is too large for E-mail, UploadEtc can help smartly.
  • If you need secure remote storage capacity for off-site backups, UploadEtc offers the best solutions for you.
  • You need access personal data from a variety of computers and don’t want to carry around a USB stick, this is a perfect way of doing so by the help of the UploadEtc.Com.

The Main Advantages of UploadEtc:-

  1. You can define the file size for uploading without any registration:
  2. You can define or limit the file size for the registered users – I mean, the maximum and minimum file size for uploading for the registered users.
  3. You can copy any file from any server.
  4. You can remotely upload any file from any server. I mean, the remote upload facility also available.
  5. You can generate the direct download link for any torrent file. I mean, you will get the benefits of Upload and download torrent files.
  6. Torrent file can be downloaded directly through Internet Download Manager or other download manager software.
  7. You can add Unlimited Space – I mean, you can add unlimited numbers of file servers. If a server has reached the quota of space, then you may add the additional server.
  8. You may sort the URL as you want.

Note: Minimum two servers are required, one is the main server and the other is the file server. The main server is not used for storing users’ uploaded files. You’ve to store the users’ uploaded files into additional servers. The main server hosts only the website.

Best Dedicated Server For File Sharing Website

Main Features of UploadEtc:-


UploadEtc.com is a website that has been created to provide free premium services. Generally, UploadEtc provides three types of account, which are unregistered, registered and premium. Let’s have a look all those features of these accounts.

ScreenShoots Of UploadEtc:-

Buy UploadEtc:-

We want to sell this file sharing website only $ 778.755 US Dollar [₹ 50000 INR]. So if you are interested in buying UploadEtc then you may Contact Us.

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