Create a shortcut of shutdown in windows


Hello!!! friends, it is just an another short trick for you in Mental Club. If you are a Windows user then this post is for you. This trick will work on all Windows PC, basically who is using the windows 8. If you are using the windows 8 then you know it that the process of the shutdown is too boring. If you want to get rid of this boring process, then please follow me.

Create a shortcut of shutdown in windows

shortcut of shutdown in windows

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Generally, we turn off the computer by clicking on many places. So today I will tell you how to turn off or shut down your computer with just one click.

Follow the steps:

At first, you open notepad, then type shutdown -s -t 20. Here 20 means 20 seconds waiting for shutdown, you can use any number like 0, 30, 40, 50, 60 etc. Then save the file with a .bat extension name. You can use any name to save but you have to, must add “.bat” extension name after the file name which is given by you. Otherwise, your file will save as text format. Your desktop creates a shortcut file. You just double-click on this file, your computer will turn off after few seconds (seconds will depend on your setting). Bye friends and try this process.

You can try another step:

Right click on “Desktop” – then click on “New” – then click on “Shortcut” – then you will see a wizard, type shutdown -s -t 20 in the box of location – then click on “Next” – then finish.

shutdown shortcut on desktop

shutdown from desktop

Note: Double click on the created file to shut down your computer from desktop.

You can watch the video tutorial about it.

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