Most Popular Shortcut keys for Windows 10 users


Most popular and recommended shortcut keys for Windows 10 users. Here are the most essential shortcut keys (Keyboard Shortcuts) of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcut keys of Windows 10

shortcut keys

Shortcut keys


Windows + TabActivates Task View
Windows + AActivates Action Center
Windows + CActivates Cortana with speech>
Windows + DShows the desktop
Windows + EOpens File Explorer
Windows + GActivates the new Xbox Game car to let you record games or take screenshots.
Windows + HActivates share feature in Windows 10 apps
Windows + IOpens Windows 10 settings
Windows + KActivates Connect feature to stream to wireless displays and audio devices
Windows + LLocks a machine
Windows + PProject a screen
Windows + RRun a command
Windows + SActivates Cortana
Windows + XOpens power user features
Windows + Left / Right / Up / DownSnaps apps to the side of a screen
Windows + Ctrl + DCreates a new virtual desktop
Windows + Ctrl + F4Close virtual desktop
Windows + Ctrl + Left or RightSwitch between virtual desktops
Windows + Shift + Left or RightMove apps from one monitor to another
Windows + 1 / 2 / 3…Open programs that are pinned to the taskbar. The first app is number one.

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