What are the differences between a Blog and Website?


Are you doing a blog or Website: Which one will your choice?

I always stay with Web design and I have been looking for a long years that so many people want to make a web site. Someone wants to sell their products on the websites and someone wants to spread their products throughout he internet. Moreover, so many people want to make a site where they publish and update their regular lifestyles. But, in many cases, the last one is very popular.

blog vs website

A question is left: although you define the web host, design, any CMS (example: WordPress (http://www.wordpress.org/), first of all you have to take decision that what do you want to do with your websites? Before doing work, you have to decide that, do you want to make a full site or semi site where you will post the article as a blog along with the product. Let’s take a decision that which one you will use.

What is a blog and website?

There is a definite difference between the blog and website. You can say that blog is a tool by which you can share the regular news updates, comments, discussion and lifestyle in a definite place. And you can say the website as a digital business card which you are presenting your services through the internet. It is not a changeable like the blog. It directly establishes the relation between you and your customers.

Now, which one is necessary?

So, which one is necessary for you? If you think that you make your website in such a way that your customers view and purchase the product and they know your surroundings environment, then you make the blog of that domain and also take the services from web host which will give you a huge amount of virtual space and bandwidth.

If you want to share your thought, discussion and comments then this blog is the best place. It will be the BlogSpot blog platforms.

So, you decide that which one is necessary for you.

Thank You!

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