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Do you really want to make money blogging? If so, then I have to tell you that you are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of blogger who wants to make money blogging too. There are already a lot of bloggers who are making some decent money, but the quantity of those bloggers are not too high. To make money from your blog you got to work very hard and have to be enough patient cause it takes time. Overnight a blogger can’t make any money.

Online Earning Tips for New Blogger

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How to make money blogging

Today I will share some good information on how to make money blogging. I will try my best to share the information so that you can easily understand it.

First of all I need to tell you making money from blogging is not an easy task and not everyone can make money from their blog. A few can do this. It is totally depends on hard work, patient and am thinking of spreading ideas and information among the people. You also need a little bit of  luck.

Now I am gonna tell you the ways of how to make money blogging, hopefully it will help you to reach your ultimate destination.

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Google AdSense is the best way of making money from blogging. I have found that 250×300 pixel ads work best. But as a blogger all you have to do is to make sure that you are not declining the AdSense policy. We must obey its rules and regulations. Here you can read Adsense related tips.

I have found somebody who makes about $1500 to $2500 in a month from blogging. So if you have the patience, skills and knowledge, then you can make it happen too

  • 2. Amazon Affiliate

Another outstanding way of making money from blogs is affiliation and Amazon Affiliate program is just an awesome system for bloggers. I know some people who make a handsome money from it. Sometime you may make a lot from amazon which can be 2 or 3 times more than AdSense or any other types of money making source.

For making some decent money from affiliation you have to choose your niche site. Nice site means very specific site. For example, if you have some good experience with any particular product then you should create a site and writing quality content only for that product. By doing this you can get a lot of visitors who have the desire to purchase that particular product. If someone found your written content and get some positive feedback and information of their desired product and if within the next 24 hours they buy any single product then you can make some commission. So it’s a great way of making money.

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  • 3. Ad Space Sales

Ad Space selling is another great way of making money from your blog. The main advantage of selling ad space is that you will decide whether where the ad will be and how much you charge for the ad. It’s totally up to you.

But the main sorrow news of selling ad space is that you can only sale ad space only when you will have a very good and popular site. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to sale your ad spaces.

  • 4. Ebook Sales

You also can sale your written ebook on your blog. It’s a great way to make money from blogging. You also can sale other author’s books. It will be one kind of affiliation if you sales other author’s books. I have some friends who are making some decent amount of money by selling their ebook.

Though there are some other ways of making money from a blog, but I think those four is the best way of making money from your blog. I have tried my best to tell you how to make money blogging. If you can really work hard then you can make your livings from your blog. Best of luck!

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