10 Best Free Blogging Platform in where you make your own blog free!


Today, blogging is so popular in our country. So many people want a blog along with community blog. In this case, all of the people like free blogging platform.  So, today this article is for giving the idea of free blogging. Here, I have discussed about the most popular and high featured blogging platforms. Choice as your wish.

#1. Blogger.com

Google’s Blogger is another popular blogging platform. You design the template as you wish.


Its usage is so easy. Here, you get so many services as free. There is nothing to say about this most popular blogging platform. You judge this the rest of this blogging platform.

#2. WordPress.com

There is nothing to say about WordPress. This is the most popular platform which is so rich in the various features that it is so active from the pro-blog.

Wordpress Free Blog

There are so many themes in the free versions such as traffic stats, anti-spam filters, SEO along with gorgeous themes. There is also a premium feature if you need so many features. It is a good platform for expert blogger and also for beginners.

#3. Blog.com

Blog.com is another popular WordPress-powered blogging platform.


It gives an opportunity to use so many premium themes in your free account. It gives advanced plugins which are available in self host blog. The advertise rate is low comparatively.

In basic plan, this platform gives you 2GB storage space.

#4. TypePad Micro

It is another popular blogging platform. Its interface is very useful. You can easily import/export the content from other blogging platform.


However, you have to go on a paid plan to get the funnier. But, once upon a time, it had a free plan. If you want to start now, then you’ve to pay.

#5. Posthaven

You may say it as a new trend blog service. It is quite different from other blogging sites. Because, it also gives the opportunity of your own micro blogging site along with the other features.


By default, Posthaven template is a common side bar just like the other blog or it will not give other widgets but it will give clear environment for blogging. Simply make your account and start to share it.

It also gives better support for mobiles. This blogging platform is made with magnificent opportunities.

#6. Tumblr

It is another popular micro blogging platform. There are so many extraordinary features such as: audio blogging i.e. music share, free custom, domains, hundreds of magnificent themes.


If you have wished, then you may operate it from your Facebook or Twitter ID. As a result, you can update social media fields. It also supports third party apps.

#7. Squarespace

This platform has magnificent security. That is, you can control that who can see your blog. You don’t face any problem to publish your article.


#8. Medium

It is a Medium is a community of readers and writers offering unique perspectives on ideas large and small. It is a free service. You can read, write and publish your article.


#9. Weebly

The most popular drag and drop blogging platform. No coding is required. Just, you’ve to know, how to click. 1000+ inbuilt themes and trusted by more than 30 Million people worldwide.


It gives so many opportunities more than blogging such as: drag and drop interface, image gallery, slide show support, video, audio maps. Etc.

#10. LiveJournal

It is such like the social networking trend. As you wish, you may contact with other bloggers, make network etc. You can say all is well.

live journal

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Note: Self hosted blogging platforms are the best way to start blogging professionally. I recommend you for using self hosted “WordPress” blogging platform.

Thank You!

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