Hosted vs Non-Hosted Blogging Platforms – Which is the best?


Blogging Platforms:

The blogging platforms are divided into two types. Let’s see what they are and know about their details.

  1. Hosted Blogging Platform (Free Blogging Platform)
  2. Non-Hosted Blogging Platform (Self-Hosted Blogging Platform)

Hosted Blogging Platforms:

Hosted Blogging Platform is such a blogging platform where you can get a Free Blogging Platform. This type of platforms will help you to blog by using their host or server. In a word you can tell it as free blogging platforms. Nowadays, the free blogging platform which are very popular are:


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You need not maintain your own Domain and Hosting. Blogging platform will provide you such a URL which is synced with their own URL. If you want to take “YourName” web address and your platform is WordPress then your URL will be So one can understand that the blog is hosted from Now let us know merits and demerits of hosted or free blogging platform.

Hosted vs Non-Hosted Blogging Platforms
Hosted vs Non-Hosted Blogging Platforms

Advantages of Hosted Blogging Platforms:

  • You can get free blogging.
  • Easy setup process.
  • Need not to know coding so much.
  • Automatic update.
  • The search engine makes the fast index.

Disadvantages of Hosted Blogging Platform:

  • You can do minimum configuration by it.
  • Designs are default.
  • You have minimum control
  • It have generic URL
  • It doesn’t have professional look.

Now the question is which blogging platform is most popular and easier to start a blog. Like many other people, I also suggest starting your blogging with I will discuss in our next post why I support I think the matter are clear to all of you.

Non-Hosted Blogging Platform (Self-Hosted Blogging Platform):

Non-Hosted Blogging Platform mainly known as Self-Hosted Blogging. Self-Hosted Blogging Platform is such a Blogging Platform where you have to maintain your blog with your own domain and server and with blog software. In this case, the blog software does not provide you the facility of server like Hosted Blogging Platform. For this kind of blogs, you have to pay to the third party for getting web host facilities and you have total control power with you for this hosting.

Some Self-Hosted Blogging Platforms are given below:

Here if you choose as your blogging platform then they don’t host your blog. Because this platform is a CMS platform. CMS is a content management system which is an open source and anyone develop or customized it as per himself. Here you have to use your own domain and hosting. And many of you have a clear idea of the domain and hosting but many of you don’t know about it. So let’s come to know about the domain and hosting in brief…

Domain: Domain is a web address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or the address of your blog or your website. People will know your blog or website by this domain name. Like is a domain. Domain have so many extension like .com, .org, .net, .info etc. Know more about the domain.

Hosting: Hosting is virtual space where you can store different writings or articles, images, videos and software file of your blog. In a self-hosted blogging platform, you have to pay to the third party to use the facility of web hosting where you can get space and bandwidth.

I’ve already discussed domain and hosting elaborately in this blog. And hope you read it.

Now, the question is why we suggest self-hosted blogging platform. Because this platform is very easy and has many facilities of customization. In this case, my suggestion is Who are new in this segment should always start with hosted blogging platform or Blogger.Com because after 2 or 3 months you can understand why you should start your blogging with the self-hosted blogging platforms or I will discuss later why I support

I think that you understand all the matters. You may also read the difference between “WordPress.Com” and “WordPress.Org”.

Thank You!

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