5 Best Avatar Plugins for WordPress


Hi, friends, how are you? I am fine. Today, I will tell you about 5 Best Avatar Plugins for WordPress. This article is for those who don’t aware of this. Before starting this tutorial, at first, we know about What WordPress Avatar Plugin is. But, for the new users who don’t know about the WordPress, for them, I have just given you the idea of WordPress.

First of all, what is WordPress?

WordPress is an online, free, open source content management system (CMS). It is based on PHP and MySQL. It is the easiest and powerful blogging platform in the World. Know the differences of WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

What is Avatar Plugin?

WP user avatar plugins are that plugins which are used to show the avatar of the users. According to the Gravatar.com website, Gravatars are Globally Recognized Avatars or an “avatar image that follows you from weblog to weblog appearing beside your name when you comment on gravatar enabled sites“. Gravatar is a product by Automattic, and it is the most widely used option for user profile image that works perfectly for any WordPress powered site. Avatar Manager is a user-driven project, and all the developments and enhancements depend on the user.

Here is a list of 5 Best Avatar Plugins for WordPress

Best Avatar plugins for WordPress

  1. WP User Avatar: The Best Avatar Plugin for WordPress. WordPress currently gives a permission to you to use custom avatars that are uploaded through the Gravatar. It enables you to use any photo uploaded into your media library. It only means that you are going to use the exact same library and uploader just the like ones used with your posts. By using this plugin, no extra folders or other editing functions for your image are necessary. It also allows contributors and subscribers to upload their own avatars.

WP User Avatar


  • It enables you to upload your own Default Avatar in your WP User Avatar settings.
  • It shows the user’s Gravatar avatar or Default Avatar if the user doesn’t have a WP User Avatar image.
  • It disables Gravatar avatars and uses only local avatars.
  • It uses the “[ avatar_upload ]” shortcode to add a standalone uploader to a front page or widget. This uploader is only visible to logged-in users.
  • It uses the “[ avatar ]” shortcode in your posts. These shortcodes will work with any theme, whether it has avatar support or not.
  • It allows Contributors and Subscribers to upload their own avatars.
  • It has limited upload file size and image dimensions for Contributors and Subscribers.

Download WP User Avatar Plugin

  1. Simple Local Avatars: Just another beautiful WP Avatar plugin. This is a plugin which gives you the permission of using the social profile picture as your avatar. It will help you to display the avatar that is stored locally on your blog. The simple native interface will help you to easily make the changes you want to your blog. It has a simple interface. It also supports Full Gravatar. It can set privilege. And its ratings for local Avatar.

Simple Local Avatars


  • It stores avatars in the “uploads” folder where all of your other media is kept.
  • It has a simple, native interface
  • It fully supports Gravatar and default avatars if no local avatar is set for the user – but also allows you turn off Gravatar
  • It generates the requested avatar size on demand (and stores the new size for efficiency), so it looks great, just like Gravatar!
  • It lets you decide whether lower privileged users (subscribers, contributors) can upload their own avatar.
  • Enables rating of local avatars, just like Gravatar.

Download the Simple Local Avatars Plugin

  1. Add Local Avatars: It is another beautiful avatar plugin. It is also one of the most popular avatar plugin for WordPress. It adds the ability to manage the global, local, and use twitter avatars. This plugin adds private avatars for your users. Now, by using this plugin, you can let the user set their own avatar just for your blog with this a sense of personal touch can be achieved. This plugin uses preference as first it will look for local id for a user than if no local avatar is found then twitter avatar with the ID given by the user, and if twitter ID is not there or returns the error then the plugin will display a global avatar which is Gravatar.

Add Local Avatar


  • It is very simple to use.
  • Local Avatar in the media folder.
  • Preference for ID.
  • Twitter avatar display option.
  • It has global or local avatars for your users.
  • It uses Twitter avatars for your users.
  • It allows avatars to be included in posts. This is achieved securely; e-mail addresses are not exposed.
  • Detailed control over the default avatar to use for those users who do not have a global or local avatar. Allows a choice of a custom image, ‘mystery’ blank image, blank, Wavatar, Monster ID, or Identicon.
  • It wraps avatars in the code to support SnapShots (www.snap.com), should your site use these.

Download the “Add Local Avatar” Plugin

  1. Avatar Manager: The tremendous Avatar Manager plugin for WP users. This plugin was specifically developed to help the webmasters to manage the avatars options on their WordPress website. You can enhance your WordPress website by letting your users choose between using Gravatar or a self-hosted avatar image right from their profile screen. It helps users to upload own avatars within the specified size limit. They can choose between a Gravatar image and a custom avatar to show on their profile screen.

Avatar Manager


  • Adjust the size of the user avatar.
  • Use both Gravatar and Local image (you can choose via tick box which to display).
  • You can also choose avatars for your users yourself or you can let them choose an avatar and upload it themselves.
  • It allows you to control the default size of the Avatar.
  • You also choose the Avatar Ratings.
  • It permits users to upload their own local avatars.

Download the Avatar Manager Plugin

  1. Easy Author Image: Last but not the least, it is another best user avatar plugin for WordPress. This plugin is alternative to the WP User Avatar. Although, they are quite similar. But, there are lots of differences in between these. It also allows you to insert single avatars for blog users or any email address into a post or page – great for displaying an image of someone you’re talking about. This plugin gives you the option to just add any author image that you like for your profile page. After the installation, a new tab will be added to your profile. The Profile Picture tab will be added just under the Users tab. This will come complete with an uploader box for uploading for your author picture.

Easy Author Image


  • It is beginners’ friendly plugin.
  • It works out of the box.
  • It allows the users to upload their custom avatars to show them instead of a Gravatar Image.
  • It also allows you to choose an image from, the WordPress media library.

Download the “Easy Author Image Plugin”

Conclusion: There are also some of Avatar Plugins which are not mentioned above. These are: 6.SVG Avatars Generators, 7. WP First Letter Avatar, 8. BooBook, 9. Basic User Avatar, 10. Author Avatars List, 11. UNI Avatar, 12. Easy Gravatars etc.  I think, now it’s your turn to pick up the right option of Best Avatar plugin. If I am at your position, I would choice WP User Avatar. Though, all of the 5 are very good Avatar Plugins. Let’s apply it. And tell me which one is your favorite Avatar plugin. Don’t forget to tell me. How is this tutorial? Please comment in our comment box. And please stay with us. If you stay with us, promise you, we never disappoint you. Thank you for reading my article.

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