EngageBay Review: Easily Add Live Chat To Your WordPress Site


The business of eCommerce websites depends on the support system they provide to their customers. Today, hundreds of eCommerce websites are just a click away from consumers, and any uncertainty with their transactions can lead to losing a sale. 70% of the buyers tend to abandon their shopping carts if their queries are not answered instantly. If you don’t want to lose your business, then using a live chat support software is the best alternative. WordPress live chat plugin helps you to answer queries instantly and turn your users to paying customers.

Live chat support can have a significant impact on the sales as well as marketing because it allows the customers to get an instant response, and stops them from leaving your site. When a customer receives a positive live chat experience, he can make a favourable decision related to purchasing.

Benefits of live chat

Website Live Chat
Website Live Chat

Adding live chat support has benefits like:

  • Increase in sales
  • Reduction in cart abandonment
  • Reduction in support cost
  • Develops trusts in buyers
  • Keeps the website ahead of its competitors
  • Creates happy customers
  • Improves and builds better relationships with customers
  • The fastest way to solve your customers’ problems
  • Develops & boosts credibility & brand value
  • Add tools to your live chat

But poor live chat can have an adverse impact as well. It can make you lose your customers & sales and create a negative impression of your brand. You might end up paying for nothing but losing your business if you install poor live chat software. Thus, you have to find an affordable live chat service that has all the necessary features installed. In this article, we will review the EngageBay live chat plugin and help you make an informed decision.

What is EngageBay? 

Before we get into reviewing the live chat plugin of EngageBay, let’s understand what EngageBay is.

Live Chat
Live Chat

It is a cloud-based platform & a solution developed for eCommerce websites. It is designed to assist ‘businesses’ of all sizes and industries and helps them grow. It combines marketing, sales, support and CRM tools in one place. These tools help in turning the visitors into promising buyers. This platform also assists in building lifetime relationships with consumers. EngageBay live chat plugin allows you to talk to your customers in real-time and resolve their queries. This engaging live chat comes with many features that are briefly described in this article.

Features of EngageBay live chat plugin

Easy to install & use: EngageBay live chat plugin is one of the Best live chat plugins available in the market. Because It is straightforward to install and set up. It enables your agents to chat with customers on all the devices through the software. This feature eliminates the need to login to your WordPress dashboard and makes it convenient to use. It also allows transferring the entire chat to other agents in a single click.

Chat Support
Chat Support

Survey forms & support tickets: It enables you to get customer feedback before and after the live chat session. This feedback helps you to evaluate the performance of your customer support team. Customers can also raise support tickets if the customer support agents are not available on desks.

Speed: No matter how good your support team is, if it cannot reach your buyer on time, you will lose your business. Thus, the speed of live chat is essential, and EngageBay is one of the fastest ‘live chat tools that works on all the devices.

Visitor help: When anyone visits your website, this plugin helps your agents to follow him in real-time. They can help the visitor while he is browsing and allows him to have a unified chat experience.

Chat emailing: You can email the transcript of the chat to your customers and keep them to yourself as well for future records.

Third-party connectivity: Plugin allows you to connect with applications like Salesforce, Intercom, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and also lets you use Zapier & Zero.

Pricing: you can avail their services via a monthly subscription and also take free live chat plugin trial. To know the pricing, you can click on this link: https://www.EngageBay.com/pricing/all-in-one.

Users of EngageBay to appreciate the straightforward, & customizable and yet affordable features of EngageBay live chat. The support team of EngageBay is responsive and resolves all the complains & queries in a minute.