WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – which is the better platform?


Want to be the best Blogger? Learn the full use of WordPress.com & WordPress.org

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Types of WordPress:

WordPress have 2 types of system.

  • WordPress.com

You can get Sub-Domain under *.wordpress.com, and 3 GB free hosting. You can only use the specified features of WordPress.com in it. You can’t get the features of Theme and other customization as you want.

  • WordPress.org

To use it, you need your personal Domain and Hosting. You can get the features of Theme and customization as per your wish. And the original fun is here.

In this tutorial we learn about the registration procedure of WordPress.com, we know about WordPress dashboard and the essential features of WordPress etc. and learn about the full use of WordPress dashboard. In the beginning lets, we know about WordPress and WordPress.com.

What is WordPress.com?

WordPress.com is a free weblog hosting provider which is run by WordPress software.

Naturally, to build a website we need a domain (use a free domain name for the best practice) and hosting (use free hosting service for practice). And we have to buy it. But WordPress.com is such a place where you can get free sub domain and a hosting of 3 GB space. A WordPress setup is there in their subdomain and hosting. So, you need not buy any domain or hosting for WordPress blogging. You can get it by registering your account in WordPress.com. And we learn how to make our blogging site by registration on WordPress.com. Also, a full tutorial of using WordPress is herewith.

I think I can make you understand that “WordPress is free blogging software and WordPress.com is a free weblog hosting provider who uses the WordPress software.

If anyone of you have any confusion about WordPress or WordPress.com till now then they can know more about this from here.

Note: You can get free hosting with subdomain from WordPress.com but you can’t fully use the WordPress software.

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Some problems of WordPress.com

  1. You can’t install PlugIn
  2. Cant customized theme according to your wish
  3. They may show ads in your blog after providing you free domain and hosting (Generally they don’t show it)
  4. You can’t use Google AdSense in this blog.

Registration process in WordPress.com

To registration in WordPress.com visit http://wordpress.com/ from your browser or click here.

What is WordPress.org?

WorePress Self Hosted

According to me the future of WordPress is bright. The reasons are firstly you become a designer from WordPress blogger slowly because you learn HTML, CSS etc. And after that when you learn PHP and my SQL then you become a Web developer from a Web designer. That means you start from WordPress and become a Web Developer. And the value of a good developer is very high. Secondly, you can earn money by blogging using the WordPress site. In the present age, freelancing is the most featured subject. And a good Web developer has a great value in the freelancing market. So you can settle yourself as a good freelancer. Thirdly it also can help you as a developer if you want to open an It farm. Except these, there is a lot of openings which I want not to discuss here. In a word, the future of WordPress is very bright and clear.

Why do we use WordPress.org?

WordPress is fully an Open Source. We can use it totally free. Except this, it also has some more facilities. These are-

  • You can use it if you have minimum a personal free hosting and a free domain.
  • You can make a beautiful blog and website by using WordPress though you don’t know any programming. Now design is also very easy. You can get lots of WordPress themes from Google search. You may choose one of theme for you. And if you know HTML, CSS, PHP then you can yourself design your theme.
  • You can add Category, Meta, Tag, Navigation, doing ping, use h1 h2 h3 successfully in the blogs or site developed by WordPress. And WordPress is best for Search Engine Optimization as it has many facilities. You can do it by using different Plugins and you need not know coding. WordPress have thousand of Plugins and it has no end.

The tools you need to make a WordPress site are:


As you make your site in WordPress.org, so you need to take a hosting at first. For that, you have to invest some money. Oh, don’t worry, as we are new in WordPress, you may use Free Hosting. And you can get so many sights for free hosting from Google Search.


A domain name is required to use the WordPress self-hosted blogging platform. I suggest you, to use a free domain name for doing practice, I mean until you are not doing a professional website. You may also buy a premium domain name. Every domain service providers offer domain name to the new customers at the lowest price.

Conclusion: As I’m a professional, I would suggest you, to use WordPress.org – I mean the “Self-Hosted” platform of WP. Because It gives the freedom to customize the website as you want. After purchasing the domain name and the hosting, you’ve to point the domain name to the hosting. You may also use an add-on domain name if you are already using a domain name and which is pointed to the hosting.  So, best of luck friends.

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