6 ways to impress a man on a date


If you are a girl, you probably assume that the only things you need to do to impress a man on a date are turn up, wear something short / tight / low cut, and put out at the end of the night. Well to a certain extent this is probably true, but if you want to enjoy the dating scene with your dignity intact, it is a good idea to adopt a different approach and work on the principle that your date is a nice man who is looking for a relationship as opposed to a casual fling.


6 ways to impress a man on a date :-



1>    Be good company! Sounds obvious, I know, but nobody wants to spend their evening listening to a mindless dirge about how your ex was a loser and he cheated on you with your best friend / mother / sister (delete as applicable). So leave all the grim stuff for your diary and be Ms. Happy for the evening.


2>     Talk about interesting stuff – women love chatting about the latest celebrities and who married who, but men have absolutely zero interest in these kind of topics, so if want to discuss what you read in Heat magazine at lunchtime, save it for when your mates come round. Try and chat about general stuff such as a cool movie you saw or current affairs. Of course if you have an encyclopaedic knowledge of football or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, you might even have a ring on your finger by the end of the evening.


3>    If you fancy him, let him know! Men are notoriously thick when it comes to body language and often misread even the most blatant of signals women give out. Obviously this does not mean you should jump him between the starter and the main course, but if you like him, tell him so and hint that if everything goes well, you might be up for more than a drink at some point in the future… But just make it crystal clear that you are not meaning tonight!


4>    On the same note, pay him a compliment or two. Men lap up compliments just like women do, but rather than say something generic such as “Ooh you’re so funny!” be a little more original and pay him a compliment on one of his achievements or something interesting he’s told you.

sense of humour

5>    Have a sense of humour! You are probably both nervous as hell, but no matter what might go wrong during the date, always be prepared to laugh at yourself. Men love women who do not take themselves too seriously, so be yourself, and if you spill red wine all over your new white dress, try and see the funny side of it. After all, you can always send the dress to the dry cleaners tomorrow.

first date kiss

6>    Blow his mind with a kiss at the end of the date. The best way to keep a bloke interested (if he likes you) is to seal the deal with a great kiss before you say goodbye. That way he will be left with a lovely memory and longing to repeat the experience!

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